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  1. I got here in the USA with K1 Visa last August and we got married within 90 Days. My I-94 says it's valid til November 7 2018?. We haven't applied for AOS yet and my question is, can I fly within the USA if my I-94 was only til November 7 2018? If yes, what documents do I need to bring?
  2. So i just finished filling up my DS-160 Form and I was asked to create an account on the embassy’s website here in Abu Dhabi, UAE. However it was asking me a “Visa Class” and there are no options to choose. It says write the class I wrote on DS-160 but i never wrote anything except that I know it’s a FIANCE VISA. What do you guys recommend? Already sent an email to them regarding the same.
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    my fiance went through his copy and he didn't fill that part up or he skipped it and forgot to fill it up again.
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    Okay, thank you. I mean we thought so too but we just had to make sure that we are sending back the right answer since it's the only thing required from the RFE. So basically i'll just add the consulate address here in the UAE.
  5. So we just got the RFE mail and it states that we omitted: "Identify a United States consulate or embassy for visa notification" Does that mean the US Embassy in my country (beneficiary)? or a center or a place in the USA? Thanks guys.