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  1. My wife is the US citizen sponsoring me. We had a son born between case complete at NVC and the interview in November. Do I need to bring any updates forms like the i864 to the interview in Montreal? He is already a US citizen by consular report of birth abroad so he is not immigrating with me. Thank you!
  2. Does that mean I'll need to fill out a new I-864 to bring to the interview? Or do I just tell them if they ask? I meet the requirements anyway.
  3. Hi all, My wife is a US citizen and sponsoring me for an IR1. She gave birth to our son after case complete at NVC. We have done consular report of birth abroad for him already. Is there anything I need to provide or do before the interview in Montreal? I’m guessing I only need to bring his birth certificate. Thank you!
  4. We were CCed on June 4th and we're still waiting for an interview in Montreal. Hoping to hear something next week, if not we will be contacting our local congressman from where my wife lived in the US to hopefully figure out what's going on in Montreal. It is a wait though, but it does look like they started processing some more family visas last month. Crazy how long it is taking just for the interview to be scheduled...
  5. Both flying and driving should be fine, just ensure you have proof of employment or a lease or other ties to Canada showing you'll be returning, and do not over pack! If you drive with boxes of clothes or goods, or fly with 4 full checked bags with all your belongings for a week long trip it will be a flag in their system and they will scrutinize you more. Having an active visa application out there shouldn't make you more likely to be rejected for visiting, but they will be checking to make sure you're not trying to move early since your goal is to be there.
  6. I haven't had the interview yet.
  7. I am interested in this too as I need my passport for my daily work. I didn't realize you could pay to have it expedited.
  8. Just received my approval letter today, PD May 11. Online status still shows received.
  9. Hello everyone. I've been doing a lot of reading but am unsure of what is next for me in the process. I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me if I am correct here. I sent in my I-130 and have a received date of May 11, 2018. I am applying for a an IR1 visa. I am in the Nebraska Service Center and am expecting to get the NOA2 soon. My understanding is I can get some forms and documents ready before the NVC asks for it but I am confused on what these forms are. I keep reading about "packet 3" and "packet 4" and have read through this guide here: https://www.visajourney.com/wiki/index.php/LingChe_NVC_ShortCut So what I think I should do is get my police certificate and any other documents that I may have missing (I think I have everything except the police certificate and long-form birth certificate). Can I fill out any other forms ahead of time? I see people saying they are filling out things online but in other threads, as well as the sticky guide here, it talks about forms like DS-260 being filled out before they request it. What exactly are packet 3 and 4? Thank you so much and good luck to everyone!
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