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  1. My GC interview is this Wednesday morning, and as expected, I am panicking (probably over nothing) like crazy. I'll be going to the USCIS Center in Norfolk, VA and my interview is at 8am!! I was just after some advice to help check if I have everything that is possibly needed? .My passport + copy .His passport + copy .My birth certificate + copy .His birth certificate + copy .The letter (obviously) .Original of my medical vaccination form (I have already sent this in and I had my medical within the one year time frame) + copy .Originals of ALL my NOAs (even the I-129F) + copies .My EAD/AP combo card and all documentation relating to that .My I-94 + copy Here is what I was planning to take for supporting evidence of marriage: .Marriage certificate + copy .Joint Acc statements (we only set it up a couple months ago due to ID issues with the bank) .Information showing we are each other beneficiaries on bank statements .Medical insurance cards and screenshots showing we are on the same insurance policy .Vet bills in both our names (we have two cats together) .Copies of our drivers licenses with the same address on .Screenshots showing I am a validated user on two credit cards .Screenshots showing we share a family cell phone plane (has the entire family on it) .Gym membership bills .Photos of us together since my arrival December '18 I am not on any utility bills because my husband owns the house and has done before we even started the K1 process. We contacted the providers and they said I couldn't be on the bills because I am not on the house deed. I honestly don't know what other information I could bring. Would screenshots of our conversations and phone calls we've had since my arrival help? He calls me twice a day when he's at work and we're constantly messaging each other. I also wanted to ask: When we sent off the AOS paperwork we also sent off his I-864 and all the information needed for that (all that was asked was for his passport and tax return) so will I need to bring a copy just in case? I ask because it says about bringing a letter from the employer etc, but my husband is self employed. Do I really need to take a copy of the entire AOS package I sent off? Any/All help is appreciated. Thank you Edit to also ask do I need to bring my SSN?
  2. I have read some people printing off and taking the instructions with them to show the IO just in case they do get asked for a more recent medical..
  3. I don't think we'll need to fill out the new form (also, I don't think it'll be fair to make us do that) if you sent off the AOS packet before the new forms came out. I think just to be sure I am going to take a copy of the I-864 with the most recent tax year and just hope that's enough. That's what it required when I sent the form off with the I-485.
  4. On the instructions for the I-693, which is the medical exam report form it says: If you were admitted as a: A. K-1 fiancé(e) or a K-2 child of a K-1 fiancé(e); or B. K-3 spouse of a U.S. citizen or a K-4 child of a K-3 spouse of a U.S. citizen; and C. You received a medical examination prior to admission, then: (1) You are not required to have another medical examination as long as you file your Form I-485 within one year of an overseas medical examination; and (a) The panel physician did not find a class A medical condition during your overseas examination; or (b) The panel physician did find a class A medical condition, you received a waiver of inadmissibility, and you have complied with the terms and conditions of the waiver. I have my interview next week, I had my medical in London October and filed for I-485 at the end of Feb, so I won't be getting another done. It seems like you did submit the paperwork within the year timing so you should be okay?
  5. I am kind of in the same boat as you.. I have my interview next week. I was planning on bringing originals and copies of things like the marriage certificate and what not.. But I got a little unsure when it said to bring a copy of the affidavit of support and documents related to that if not already submitted.. I sent those off when I sent off the I-485 information so will I need to bring a copy of that too? It says to bring a letter from the employer about what hours are worked, rate of pay etc.. but my husband is self employed so will a copy of the affidavit and his latest tax return be enough you think?
  6. I booked a return flight, it was more than half the price of a one way ticket. I booked the return as far into the future as I could (ended up being six months) Just gotta cancel the return
  7. Hello! You can go ahead with your medical! They'll give you a letter after you've done everything that states that they need further evidence regarding your history of depression etc. Your medical results will be placed on hold until they recieve that letter from your GP. I had my medical and the next day scanned through the letter
  8. I booked a return flight with Virgin to DC, the outward is early December and the return is in May. I'm planning to cancel the return part in February when I should have some paperwork through about AOS just incase they need to see some kind of evidence that I am allowed to stay in the USA (I read somewhere that sometimes that is asked for??). I'll definitely ask them to send an email through stating that it was cancelled too just to cover my own back. Return was much cheaper (over half the price) and I also had to make sure I was on the same plane as my cat
  9. Hey everyone. You should receive an email from the consulate saying that your documents have been forwarded onto the courier group. They’ll provide you with a tracking number and a tracking link. Receiving that email means that your stuff will be delivered the next day! You have a 10 hour window from 8am till 6pm, make sure you’re in! The courier I had didn’t ask for any ID whatsoever, just sign for the package and there you go. The parcel arrived in a giant grey bag, opened up that bag and inside was the passport with the visa inside and the ACRO certificate and then the giant ### white envelope which boldly says DO NOT OPEN. Congratulations everyone 😁😁😁
  10. I'm pretty sure we booked ours one day after it said in transit. But honestly, the best thing you can do is just try it and see if it'll let you..
  11. My passport took a week to arrive after my interview. For some people it can take longer. My status stayed at ready for a couple days before saying Application received, the. It went to AP and stayed for a couple more days before finally saying issued. AP timing is different for everyone, so you can’t really put a timing on it.
  12. Ours was approved Tuesday 30th and I got the visa the following Tuesday. It has currently been a fairly quick turn around, and my passport also arrived very early in the morning!! POE in three weeks!! Congratulations to you and your fiancé!,
  13. I went and had my flu jab done at boots because my company paid for it. They told me they can't provide me with any proof that I've had it - just that I have to tell my doctors that I've had it done. So I did that, it got put on my record that I had a flu jab done at boots, I printed out that part of my personal record and Knightsbridge didn't have a problem with it and accepted that
  14. They kept my police certificate at my interview, and then I got it back when I recieved my packet this morning. Not sure if you will too, but happened to me
  15. I can't tell you for the Ukraine, I can only tell you the experience I've had to far with flying my cat to the USA from the UK. I contacted a company to fly my cat as I didn't want the hassle of having to book everything myself. I would google to see if there are any companies that can fly animals from Ukraine to USA. I think it depends on the state if the cat will need to be quarantined after arrival, but I know for sure, the cat should be up to date with all vaccinations and have had a rabies shot and waited 30 days after the shot. If you're looking for a cheap solution to fly the cat, then I would think again because flying my cat is costing somewhere around $1000. That's without any stops. Flying pets is routine, but you also have to rememer there are only a certain amount of spots every flight to fit the animals in. The company flying my cat needs 3 weeks to get him onto a flight.
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