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  1. I found the request service! Thank you! I should have known it instead of just waiting. Missing home so bad
  2. Good for you that you finally got your biometrics appointment! I really don't know what to think right now, it's so frustrating. So you got your EAD already too? How to request a service? Maybe I should do it too. Good luck!
  3. Hi, I've been waiting to do the fingerprint stuff for 75 days already. How long usually it takes? I saw so many people got their fingerprint schedule after they got their receipt in 2 weeks at the most, but for me it's been almost 3 months and nothing has change. Should I call USCIS and what question should I go for? Because I feel like I called them and they just gonna tell me to check the process on website, which doesnt' worth 60mins of waiting. I just want to go home so bad, book tickets to go back home on January hope everything will work! Plus, stay at home is boring! My husband is not a millionaire, we need money to survive ... Thanks :)
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