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  1. No, their answer is a procedure NVC make in some cases and I will get notified when it’s done
  2. No, three weeks now on administrative process
  3. Hi, hoping you’re out of AP by now and if you are how long? I am in AP since January 18, 2019.
  4. I130 approval on October 2017. received case number on January 2018. financial documents on December 2018 accepted January 18th 2019 been on AP since then.
  5. I am in administrative process too. But I am at the final stage waiting for appointment, already sent documents and accepted but I have to wait to get out AP.
  6. Officially 2 week in AP. Call every other day I don’t think will get out of this anytime soon.
  7. No, they won’t tell me why. Just there no time frame for this and that is not just me some case goes through AP 😣 I am at loss don’t know why it happened to me. Will make my timeline thank you
  8. Whst is a timeline? Guatemala emailed my lawyer about NVC telling me my case is in AP and will notify me with next step. her answer was that she hasn’t hear NVC doing this kind of stuff and I should be thankful my husband is with me waiting for appointment when other people is trying to get their family members from war countrys. It made me feel awful and selfish. I was hoping for a straight answer but left with even more questions. I call NVC every day until they tell me my case is out of AP and ready for appointment
  9. Yes I did along with the 1040’s
  10. Submitted online, 6 weeks waiting
  11. Thank you me too its been so difficult to deal with this.
  12. Yeah was hoping to get case closed soon but it will no be possible 😕
  13. I really don’t know my lawyer did all the paperwork. But I know the petitioner fills the I864 and sponsor fills the I864a. make sure to submit tax transcripts not 1040’s because I think that’s why my case went into administrative process.
  14. I been doing alot of research about AP at NVC. Seem like the K1 visas gets this kind of AP alot but I am IR1 visa and haven’t seen anything like it. Call NVC every day just to tell me I am under necessary administrative process and dont have a time frame for this. I guess its just me