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  1. Hi! Did USCIS sent your approval to NVC and how long it took? Im in same situation
  2. Hi! Anyone knows how long it takes NVC to send file to consulate?
  3. Got expedite approved on October 21st, how long it takes NVC to send case to consulate?
  4. What you got was a expedite with conditions, it means that when you case is completed you’ll skip the waiting time for appointment at nvc instead your case will be immediately sent to embassy.
  5. Anyone waiting for interview appointment? CC March 22
  6. Yes, for cases completed on August 2018. I have seen a bunch of appointments already in a Facebook group I’m in.
  7. I know that people with August cc’s are getting appointments for May. Mexico is extremely backlogged righ now
  8. Not for me still, just hope they’re working on scheduling interview too 😩
  9. Yes, I was for 42 days. Just got case completed on March 22nd
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