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  1. thanks for all the info, this site is a wealth of info, would be lost without it😊
  2. so can she do the interview during the 2 month waiting period?
  3. just wondering my fiance is now going through the 3 day sputum test and I canceled her interview ☹️ just wondering do I have to contact the embassy because the valid date is Sept 9th and this 2 month wait is going to go pass that. Does St Lukes notify the embassy that she's going through this or do I have to. thanks in advance Dave/Dona
  4. thanks everyone, getting close. her interview is on the 8th, so hope to be in the Philippines next month!
  5. To all my Filipina friends here. What is the best day to go to St. Lukes for the medical examine? is it always a 2 day event? thanks in advance
  6. About 5 weeks after they said they were sending our approved K1 to NVC, I got a letter they were sending our application to US embassy, Manila. that was last week, today I received an email saying we can schedule her interview. looks like it moves pretty fast after NVC gets it.
  7. so I have to do these steps before or after NVC contacts us?
  8. where do I find the Manila 5 steps? thanks in advance
  9. I"m in the process of getting my fiance here from the Philippines via the K1. got the approval letter from USCIS. just looked at the NVC page and it's saying I have to follow the next steps...pick and agent, pay another fee.... I dont have to do these steps?
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