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  1. Hello! Your post was from a while ago but was the applicant's kid's birth certificate required at the embassy? Did you/your spouse bring it? Thanks!
  2. When did you submit the docs for the first time? And after replacing some rejected docs, how long did it take them to review? I’m asking because I just replaced one doc.. in my case, it was a birth certificate. I got to speak with a supervisor on the phone. She said to replace the rejected doc with the same exact doc and put “this is the only obtainable doc at the moment. I’ll get the required one for the interview.” But she said she couldn’t tell me when it’ll be reviewed… thank you
  3. Hi all, I’m the USC petitioner of my husband’s CR1 visa. Our docs are being reviewed by the NVC at the moment. Everything seemed to be accepted except my husband’s birth certificate. They rejected it saying that it wasn’t issued by a correct authority. We checked the country specific requirements and it seemed that the doc we uploaded was actually fine. I called the NVC today and talked to a couple of officers. The first officer said that the birth certificate looks fine. She’d send a message to a supervisor for a review. It will take up to 6 weeks for them to give us an answer. This officer said not to replace the rejected doc now as we wait for a supervisor review because this will put us back to the back of the line. After this call, we got 2 emails from the NVC. When we signed in, we saw that they added 4 documents under “required” and marked them missing. One of them is birth certificate. 3 of them had been already accepted. (Passport bio page, police record and military record). I called the NVC again to see what to do about this, and the officer started talking about the rejected birth certificate. She said that even if a supervisor agrees that the doc we submitted was correct, after we get an answer from them, we’ll have to replace/reupload the rejected doc because they cannot change the status of the rejected doc to “accepted” on their end. Is this true? So my questions are: 1 Should we or should we not replace/reupload the rejected doc while we wait for a supervisor review? (Is it better to do it now or wait until we hear back from a supervisor?) 2 After a supervisor review, do we still have to replace the rejected doc and have to wait extra 3 months for the new doc to be reviewed? (The current doc process time at the NVC is 3 months.) 3 Re: missing docs The agent said that this is most likely a glitch and they’re aware of things like that. But she also said that we can select “not available” from the drop down and put “this doc has been accepted” in the comment section for each of those “missing” docs. And she said we could hit “submit” again = extra 3 month wait. Do we actually need to do this? Or do they fix the glitches? Any info is much appreciated. Thank you very much 🙏🏼
  4. Our I-130 was approved - US Citizen for Spouse Potomac SC PD: 5/8/2021 Sent out I-129F (K3): 8/28/2021 K3 Received by USCIS: 8/31/2021 K3 Receipt Date: 9/3/2021 Active Review: 9/17/2021 Active Review #2: 9/23/2021 NOA2 (found in the document section): 9/23/2021 Online status changed to Approved: 9/27/2021 We haven't received a welcome letter/email from NVC + our online status hasn't changed to "the case was sent to NVC" yet. How long should that normally take? Thank you and good luck to all.
  5. Hello! I sent it out on 8/28 via FedEx. They received it on 8/31.(I saw that on FedEx tracking + On August 31, 2021, we received your Form I-129..) On 9/3, the online status changed to "Case Was Received." I got a text message on 9/6 saying they received it. I BELIEVE that I received the physical letter on 9/7 or 8. Hope it helps
  6. ohhh, I see. Wow that was very fast. Congrats again, and thank you.
  7. Congrats! Did you send K3 also? If so, how soon/long after filing K3, was your I-130 approved? Thanks!
  8. I see. Thank you. I got excited when the status changed to actively reviewing but it hasn't even been 1 month since I submitted K3.. so I guess I'll have to be more patient. Good luck with the NVC stage and hope your process after that will be smooth. Thanks again!
  9. Congratulations! How long was your case being actively reviewed? And how long after filing K# was it approved? Thanks!
  10. Congratulations @Strawberrymermaid!! That's great news. I'm super happy for you. You've been very sweet and kind since day one, and I appreciate it a lot. When did you file I-129F (for K-3) again? I'm putting together I-129F right now as well. I hope it's gonna help us too. Congrats and thanks again!
  11. Thanks. It doesn't cost anything if you have filed i-130 already, just fyi. You're right but some filers from spring this year are getting approved after they sent i-129f. It may just be a coincidence but if there is a chance, I'd def do it too.
  12. Thanks for sharing and beautiful picture indeed I've messaged you before.. thanks always for your kind responses. My husband and I also got married in Mexico. We filed I-130 in May this year and now we're considering I-129f. I have a quick question about I-129f. Page 8, Part 2, Items 62a-b Consular Processing Information. (Your beneficiary will apply for a visa abroad at the US Embassy or US Consulate at:) Did you put Mexico City, Mexico since you got married in Mexico? I was reading the instructions and I saw: NOTE: Under US immigration law, a foreign national who marries a US citizen outside the US and seeks a K-3 visa must apply for the K-3 visa in the country where the marriage took place. (Page 6, Paragraph 5) Thank you in advance
  13. Hello @JigneshBabu1992 Actually... I noticed that the info about the service center disappeared on my account, so I contacted USCIS via chat. They told me that my case was transferred to Potomac, which has a longer wait time
  14. Hi all We filed in May 2021 also. Case filed (online): 05/08/2021 NOA1: 05/08/2021 Nebraska Service Center (But on the receipt, I see the Texas address...?) Good luck to all!
  15. @Kay & Evan @KLL hello! Our situation is a bit different and sorry for posting it. We have a question about civil union Spain and are having a hard time to find an answer.. so I hope you don’t mind asking you our question here I’m trying to file the form I-130 for my partner who’s a resident in Spain. He has a history of civil union in Spain. We’re wondering if we need to include that as his marriage history, or since it seems it’s not really a marriage in Spain, we don’t need to list it as a marriage history. if you know, please let me know. Or point me to where we can find answers. (Should we contact the US embassy or consulate for a confirmation?) thank you so much in advance!
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