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  1. Hello @JigneshBabu1992 Actually... I noticed that the info about the service center disappeared on my account, so I contacted USCIS via chat. They told me that my case was transferred to Potomac, which has a longer wait time
  2. Hi all We filed in May 2021 also. Case filed (online): 05/08/2021 NOA1: 05/08/2021 Nebraska Service Center (But on the receipt, I see the Texas address...?) Good luck to all!
  3. @Kay & Evan @KLL hello! Our situation is a bit different and sorry for posting it. We have a question about civil union Spain and are having a hard time to find an answer.. so I hope you don’t mind asking you our question here I’m trying to file the form I-130 for my partner who’s a resident in Spain. He has a history of civil union in Spain. We’re wondering if we need to include that as his marriage history, or since it seems it’s not really a marriage in Spain, we don’t need to list it as a marriage history. if you know, please let me know. Or point me to where we can find answers. (Should we contact the US embassy or consulate for a confirmation?) thank you so much in advance!
  4. Hey guys! We got married successfully in Cancun also So.. for the immigration purpose, we use the simpler certified copy of the marriage certificate + translate that, correct? Thanks again!
  5. No. Those lawyers were just saying that if I have US citizenship, it'd be better to say that I'm a US citizen on the marriage certificate when I try to bring my family here as a US citizen. They are aware that US allows dual citizenship and there's no rule about this, but they were just recommending me not to complicate the case.
  6. The Cancun area. The Civil Registry sent us a contact of one of the judges there, and we've been trying to make arrangements. I hope everything goes well Btw, I have another name question.. So in the US, if I want to have my last name and my spouse's last name, I'll have to connect them with a hyphen, like Jane White-Brown. But in Mexico, like other Latin countries, can't you have it like Jane White Brown? If I do that in Mexico, what's going to happen on the papers in the US when I try to change my name? Will "White" have to go to the middle name section? Should I change my name to "White-Brown" to follow the US format even when I get married in Mexico to avoid confusions? Sorry it's unrelated but I just wondered.. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for those who responded. Just fyi.. i've spoken with a few lawyers and more lawyers recommended NOT to put a nationality other than US for this kind of situation. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you so much for answering my questions in details. I really appreciate it. Understood re: apostilles.. We'll figure it out. Thanks again!
  9. Hi guys, Can I join the conversation as we're planning on getting married in Mexico also Just a question in general.. when you got married in Mexico, and if your family name changes, what do I need to do when I come back to the US? Why/For what purpose do we need the apostille? (and will we know what to do to get it and certified copies?) We got in touch with the civil registry and they gave me a contact of a judge. We're planning on getting married without a planner/resourt. Sorry to jump into your conversation... but I'd appreciate your help. Thanks so much!
  10. Thank you so much! I appreciate your kindness for taking time to respond.
  11. Thank you so much. This is very helpful. Lawyers make is sound like we need them.. but it looks pretty straightforward.
  12. Hi all, I'm sorry for asking basic questions but when you file I-130 online, do we need to submit I-130A? And when do I submit I-864? After filing I-130, will I know what the next steps are? Also, will I be able to save and complete later? Thank you!
  13. Hi thanks for the comment. Yes, I was talking about the future certificate. Because to register the marriage in my home country, it’ll be better if the certificate states that I’m from there, and not US.
  14. Hello, my partner and I are planning on getting married (most likely in Mexico), and start the CR-1 process. I’m a US citizen but also have another citizenship. I was wondering, on the marriage certificate, if my nationality is not the US, it’ll be a problem to use it in the visa process? thank you
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