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  1. AndrewAlp

    Police clearance for foreigner

    Talk to Ann at G.A.M legal she really knows her stuff and is also Filipino. We used G.A.M in Bangkok for packet 2 and 3 and they were awesome !
  2. She had the interview and it went great ..we should have the visa in a week !!!
  3. Ok thank you .. I will inform her to try chrome.
  4. My lawyer in Bangkok said that the online form DS-160 keeps kicking her out ( the website ) she said she will continue to try tomorrow. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks - Andrew
  5. Ok thanks maybe I was typing the number wrong .. this time I got this
  6. I called NVC just now and got our case number and invoice number. When I try to put it into https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx it says "your search did not return any data" Am I doing something wrong or could it just not be in this system yet? Thanks - Andrew
  7. AndrewAlp

    Getting Police Certificate in Thailand

    Wow! I had heard about all this kind of stuff, which is why I just went ahead and paid my lawyer who has a "contact" down at police headquarters in Bangkok 5000 baht.. no receipt mind you, had the police certificate in hand in 4 days. Pretty shady but good job on following your gut!
  8. I wanted to add that I was notified via text, email and OLD site was updated. The new site was not and still is not updated at all.
  9. I thought I would smile so big when I saw this .. but instead it was a tear that rolled out of my eye. I was very discouraged and then it happened .. I was going to check my app to see how many days it’s been and to my shock it says “Updated as of Sept 4 .. 4 alerts “ I clicked and it was an approval! I checked the old site to confirm .. then 3 minutes later the email came. Wow praise God! Noa 1 Feb 14.
  10. It’s not required .. this is from a previous post where they talked at length.. the onlybwet signature you need is on the petition. ” A wet signature for the letter of intent to marry from the beneficiary hasn't been required for a couple years now. You cannot use a digital signature, but a scanned version should be fine. The letter of intent to marry is considered supporting evidence. In the past, it might result in an RFE, but they aren't doing this anymore. Even the I-130 no longer requires the beneficiary's signature anymore (if outside the US). Edited December 21, 2017 by geowrian “
  11. Your demeanor and attitude helps keep me from going crazy!! Even though we both want so badly to be together, we have to keep everything in perspective!!
  12. No still getting the Case Was Received.
  13. I've been swamped at work and just now checked ..nothing yet. Has there been any approvals today? Have a great week y'all.
  14. Our exact dates old site Feb 14 New site Feb 17
  15. I in no way feel "pissed off" or angry nor do I think we deserve an approval right now, ..but it is emotionally draining to be this close and not know whether an approval is coming or an RFE or nothing at all for another month! So many things are up in the air. My fiance has sold her salon in Thailand because that wasn't something that could wait until we find out concrete dates ..there are just some things that HAVE to be done in preparation. Ok I'm going to take a deep breath now and continue waiting! LOL NOA1 Feb 17 ( new site )