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    September met on Tinder while she was visiting her parents here. She had to sneak out for our first date because her mom is strict. We went on 5 dates in 5 days before she left. I flew to Philippines 2 weeks later for a week, I asked her to be my girlfriend. She came back December 12-January 13, proposed on New Years in San Antonio. I filed K1 Visa January 28.

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  1. Thanks, she got it updated today with no problems, should have the new one in a week or two.
  2. My wife got her 2 year green card about a month or two ago. We had just moved to Utah and had to fly back to Texas for our interview. Does she just need to go to the SS Office here and update her card? The restrictions should be removed correct? I tried looking online and only saw about replacing or getting a new SSN card. TIA!
  3. My brother in law is working for JP Morgan Chase making almost 6 figures, he's only been here for 3 years. Are you on job boards such as Indeed? Have a profile on Linkedin? He was working at Best Buy before a recruiter found him online. He only went to UP for 2 years before migrating here, never finished his degree. I suggest applying for jobs, have a good resume and portfolio.
  4. We filed early Feb 2019 and we had our interview yesterday. It already said card being processed by the time we got home, and today says your case was approved.
  5. Just got back from the interview, checked our status and it says card being produced. That means we were approved? The agent didn’t even have me go in for the interview just my wife, and we didn’t have many supporting documents(cell phone, bank statement). We were so worried afterwards.
  6. Would like to clarify with the earlier post we had not received the interview notice, I only knew I was moving and asking about the procedure for changing address. My new question was the one I just posted about asking what I should do now that the interview has been scheduled right after I move and starting a new job but the interview is not in my new city (moving from TX to UT) as I have not changed address yet.
  7. Thanks, I will talk to my bosses and hope we can work something out where I can fly back. I realized it's December 3rd, my first day is December 2nd. I'm hoping we can fly out the evening of the 2nd then return the evening of the 3rd. I'd much rather attend the interview we've been scheduled then mess with what could happen. Is the process the same to change address after the interview? I'm guessing my circumstances are kinda rare.
  8. Sorry the interview is December 3rd. My thought was fly out Monday night, go to interview Tuesday morning and then flyout that night. I already looked at flights there is a 5:25PM Monday and then a 7 something on Tuesday. It could work just need to see if I can get off for that day. I agree I would rather just get the interview over with now and not have to reschedule. I figured we wouldn't hear anything till early next year though. I just found out the job was approved this past Thursday, I was hoping they wouldn't want me there till January 1st.
  9. I currently live in Houston till Thanksgiving then I am moving that week to Utah for a new job that starts December 2nd.
  10. I'm moving over Thanksgiving, I planned on changing address once we moved. I start my new job December 2nd...
  11. I just got the mail and our interview is scheduled for December 4th. I just got a new job last week and hadn't changed field offices (asked about this previously here). What can I do at this point? I am going to talk to my bosses and see if I can have that day off to fly back but that could be a nice chunk of change out of pocket. Can I reschedule to where we are moving? Just wondering what my options are at this point.
  12. Just got our notice for interview in Houston. I'm not sure what to do as we are moving over Thanksgiving out of state, and our interview is Dec. 4.
  13. Thanks everyone, I will change my address once I've moved. I figured this was the right thing to do and you confirmed my thoughts.
  14. Should I change the city I filed in? Or would it be best for us to fly back for the interview? We are moving from Houston to Salt Lake City. We filed beginning of Feb. 19 and would be moving at the end of Nov. 19. I'm thinking I should just transfer our paperwork. Is Salt Lake City faster processing then Houston? Will it cause a delay for our paperwork?
  15. No it didn't say anything different, I was checking a few times a week. We went out of town then all of a sudden it said it was delivered.
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