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  1. I applied for n400 in July 2019 and i am already USC. I applied from Dallas as well. there are many people applied before me and still waiting for interview and oath due to Covid situation.
  2. Is your N400 based on marriage 3 year rule. How did you get your green card? its pretty rare to have 2nd interview for N400 application unless there an issue with the application or something not synching up. if everything clean and there is no hidden information, i would not worry about it just wait for the decision.
  3. Check out my earlier post. i have noticed that my interview date was on 1/29 way before other applicants some people had interviewed date in end of feb. perhaps that could be possibility my oath ceremony’s scheduled before anyone else. just a thought.
  4. Yes building is closed and my oath originally scheduled at plano event center. You can bring family member in the car If oath scheduled to be outside the uscis office. USCIS officer administrate the ceremony.
  5. I just wanted to provide everyone regards to my oath experience @ Dallas field office. Originally my Oath ceremony cancelled on March 18 @Plano event and rescheduled it couple weeks ago for 06-12. The ceremony was extremely quick and smooth. 20 max people allowed per ceremony, We arrived at the office around 9:30 turn in N445 and GC. The ceremony was scheduled at the parking lot and everyone should stay in parking lot finished off the paper work. USCIS offers brought speaker outside the parking lot and gone oath of allegiance and we all repeated along with raise our hand. After that they gave us the certificates of naturalization and allow us to come out from the car and take a pictures. In and out 20 mins. Done. All the people that waiting for the ceremony should hear something shortly, As per USCIS officer. Good luck and have a nice journey.
  6. here is my timeline- interview date: Jan 29 oath date : March 18 @Plano Texas reschedule Oath date: June 12 Location: Dallas Uscis office
  7. I have oath ceremony tomorrow do i need to get my n-445 noterized before turn it in. Please advise
  8. Not yet, no name changes and it was originally scheduled for 730 a.m. I called the 800 number and they informed me that all rescheduled ceremonies will be held at the USCIS offices going forward same place where interview took place. SA ceremony was also scheduled at uscis office as well.
  9. Plano on March 18. I dont yet where is going to be held once letter received. So far two friend of mine received letter and both had different locations, It suppose to be each ceremony will hold 9 people and I believe they are doing 2 or 3 ceremonies per day and 3 times a week. This is what i heard from friend of mine who attended the ceremony in SA couple weeks ago. You all should be receiving the email soon.
  10. I just received Oath ceremony email for June 12, It looks like it Dallas about to resume all cancelled ceremonies starting next week. Good luck everyone.
  11. Never-mind, The status went back to inline for Oath ceremony. It got me excited for one minute=)
  12. Hi All I just received an email from USCIS that certificate of Naturalization was issues (see below), I am just waiting on Oath scheduling due to covid 19 just like everyone else, I am just wondering is this normal for certificate to be issued prior to Oath? Anyway I am not sure either regards to USCIS message system as well since it changes every minute. Anyway is that normal to receive this types of email prior Oath? Certificate Of Naturalization Was Issued On May 26, 2020, we issued your Certificate of Naturalization for your Form N-400,
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