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  1. Megan&Daniel


    We had cookies!
  2. Megan&Daniel


    Just wanted to share the joy a little bit! After all the work, time and waiting.... WE ARE MARRIED!
  3. Megan&Daniel

    K1 Visa question

    I met my fiance in a video chat room. No issues!
  4. Megan&Daniel

    HELP! ESTA denied

    He has a interview scheduled for Thursday. I have a feeling that his ESTA was denied due to an error on his part. When we filled out his DS-160 with him, he put his name in wrong. Love that man but he is not very attentive to details!
  5. The shutdown does not affect the visa process because USCIS is funded by visa fees. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) made clear in its official statement that the shutdown “does not affect USCIS’s fee-funded activities. Our offices will remain open, and all individuals should attend interviews and appointments as scheduled.”
  6. Megan&Daniel

    Applying for SS#

    Thank you! I went with allowed to work.
  7. Megan&Daniel

    Applying for SS#

    Thank you. I have been looking on other posts and it says the same.
  8. Megan&Daniel

    Applying for SS#

    Thank you!
  9. Megan&Daniel

    Applying for SS#

    I am not worried about having the actual work permit for him right now. I am only worried that I am checking the right box to on the Social Security application.
  10. Megan&Daniel

    Applying for SS#

    My fiance is going down to the Social Security office today to apply for his SS#. I am reading through the information that needs to be filled out and I am slightly confused. In section 5 on citizenship it has non-immigrant allowed to work and non-immigrant not allowed to work. I would assume this is not able to work as we are on a K1 visa. This is where I get confused. They tell you to print out and take the RM 10211.530 to take with you as some SS agents don't understand that K1 can apply for a visa. On this page it says under K1 "Legal alien allowed to work" I don't want to send him down there with incorrect paperwork and cause a delay. Has anyone else noticed this? Am I reading it wrong? Thanks in advanced for any help, just want to make sure we are doing it right!
  11. Megan&Daniel

    Which London airport?

    Are you looking for the closest airport? Heathrow is closest airport but I am not sure if that is your actual question.
  12. Megan&Daniel

    NOA2 Received

    You should have received your LND number by now. If you are wanting to move forward in your case, I would call NVC and get your number. We got our NOA2 on 10/02/18 and had our interview done on 11/19/2018 for London. My fiance is now in the states and we were only about two months before you. I would call and check. We never received anything from NVC. I honestly wouldn't wait on a letter or email. Just call and get your LND#. Good Luck!
  13. Megan&Daniel

    SAVE database and SSN

    If you don't wait there is a good chance he will not be in the system and it will take even longer to process. Your best bet is to wait. I have even read recently that people are having to wait longer than 2 weeks. My fiance moved Dec 11th and we have not gone yet. We will probably wait for the holidays to be over just in case.