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    We met when I was an exchange student in the USA in 2004-05. Dated for 3 months before I went home. I visited twice in 2006, we got engaged and started working on marriage based immigration to Norway as we assumed it was easier than the K1. Married in the US on VWP in 2007 and he moved to Norway the following week.

    [Edit 1 january 2008] We are now happily married and living in Norway with him having a Norwegian residence permit. Application took only a month, woo hoo!

    [Edit 5 january 2010] The last two renewals did not go as easy as the original. And after I started college they changed the law and screwed us since we now need the financial support thing but only I can fill it and I am a full time student. It sucks. Hoping to not be forced to move to the US after this long.

    [Edit 2 April 2010] STILL waiting, it's been 7 months now! And in just a few months we are scheduled to apply for permanent residency, which currently takes 9 months to process. Joy....

    [23 May 2010] Finally got approved, good until october. Working on collecting documents for the permanent package we fill file in july/august. It is compulsory for him to take language classes the first 3 years here but they have been denying him those most of the time he's been here since he's been waiting on his permits so now he is kind of screwed. The stuff that he did complete they have lost his records of. Angryyyy......

    [3 march 2011] Permanent residency was granted after husband signed away his right to take the language classes he is required to take. I just love how idiotic that sounds. But anyways, no moar renewals:D

    [Spring 2012] During talk therapy for depression I realized that fear and stress from the immigration craziness has affected me greatly. Working hard on letting go and being grateful it is over.

    [2013] The plan was to maybe move to the US after college. We've realized it will be much easier to settle down and have kids if we instead stay here.
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