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  1. My turn for a tax question! I know all states have their own tax laws to an extent, but I wondered if anyone could help me out with understanding if I need to report foreign bank account interest on State tax returns? We've already declared it on our federal tax return as it falls under worldwide income etc. But, for the State I was really unsure how it works, especially when you become a resident in the state half way through the year? (Part-year resident?) So as an example, say I 'earned' $50 in interest from my bank account in the UK throughout 2018. On the federal tax return, I just declare all $50. Simple enough. However, for the state return, do I also do that even though that earned interest wasn't earned in the state? Or, does the state start counting from when you become a resident. So for example, if you move to the U.S. half way through the year, I would pay the amount of interest gained once I physically became a resident of the state? (for example, $25 out of the $50 counted as state income?). Or, third option, am I not meant to include that $50 as part of the state income whatsoever? I've probably made this tricker than it sounds but this state tax stuff seems more complicated than the federal! Any tips appreciated as always
  2. Hi all! So we're about to send off our state taxes but am having trouble finding information on whether we count interest earned on foreign bank accounts? We have already declared it on the federal return, but were really unsure how the whole 'part-year' resident thing works for states when you first move to the U.S half way through the year? As an example: Say that I earned $50 of interest from my bank account in the UK in 2018. I then came to the US mid-way through the year and began residing in a U.S. State, so approx. $25 of the total amount was technically earned while I was in the U.S. state, but it was not from state sources. Do I include the $50 as a whole like I did with the federal return, or do I just include for the time that I was physically present within the state ($25) or do I not include it as state income at all as it was not actually earned from state sources? Apologies if that's slightly confusing! Happy to provide clarity! Thanks all!
  3. While the CR1 has its benefits, I personally hated being so far away from my partner. Dealing with the long-distance or the timezones really sucked, and while the K-1 has the added requirement of Adjusting Status, I would much rather do that with both of us physically in the same place. I would say, for those of us that did the K-1 and then adjusted status, do try to remember how difficult the period of waiting was without our now-spouses.
  4. I'm not a tax professional but not reporting it at all doesn't sound right... Also I edited my previous post to include some more information that may help you. What I will say is though, do not stress out over this! You have about a month to actually file, and you've got to remember that all you have to do is mail it by the deadline, it doesn't actually have to arrive by then. Obviously, make sure you get the proper kind of insurance and delivery service when you do send it (just to be on the safe side). Even then, mail to the IRS seemed to be relatively quick when we sent ours in.
  5. Without doing a foreign exclusion? Does she not want you to try to exclude your foreign income? EDIT: I actually just noticed in your previous post that you say you can't use TurboTax cause of the ITIN issue. Now, I may be completely wrong but I think you may be able to go in person to get your documents verified which will mean you won't have to send your passport anywhere: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/how-do-i-apply-for-an-itin Also, if you're looking at Turbotax, I'd recommend you grab the standalone software which you can pay for and download over their site rather than doing their web-version. The standalone software lets you see the actual forms as you fill them in, which we found to be really helpful as we understood where everything was actually going. The up-front cost for Turbotax wasn't ideal, but if you're already paying someone to prepare your taxes, I'd rather be comfortable with them!
  6. Honestly, I think it's worth it to check out TurboTax. You will have to pay a little money to get the deluxe version which allows you to file the form to exclude income - but it's all relatively simple. Unless you have extremely complex financial ownership, trusts, etc, of which I would then recommend going to a Tax professional. Otherwise, if your international spouse has income from regular employment, TurboTax should be sufficient. P.S don't forget that you have to file paper form and attach a statement electing to be treated as a U.S Resident for Tax Purposes for the whole of the financial year if you want to file MFJ.
  7. To confirm, are you electing to be treated as a U.S Resident For Tax Purposes when filing with the IRS / Are you filing your taxes as Married Filing Jointly (MFJ)? The initial commenter infers that they may have found a 'loophole.' Personally, I wouldn't want to rely on that as, when filing a Joint tax return, Form 1040 Schedule B - Part 3 'Foreign Accounts and Trusts' requires you to confirm your requirement to file or not file a FBAR. Honestly, it's really not as scary as it sounds. You're asked your personal information and basic information about your foreign account. If your husband has very complex foreign accounts/financial interests then it may be best to contact a tax professional (of which I am not). EDIT: Here's some more information: https://www.fincen.gov/sites/default/files/shared/FBAR Line Item Filing Instructions.pdf
  8. That is correct. In fact, as he has $10,000 in that savings account in the foreign country, he must also declare all other foreign accounts as your aggregate (total amount) across your bank accounts will be above $10,000. As far as I'm aware that's how it works... for example. Account A has $9,000 and Account B has $2,000, and Account C has $250 = you must declare all (A, B, C) accounts under the FBAR form. For currency exchange rates, instructions for the FBAR say to use the Treasury's currency rate for December 31st 2018 (last day of the financial year). EDIT: Don't be worried though! the form is extremely easy to fill out and should not take you long at all to do.
  9. Yeah, if people haven't already I would check out Turbotax. We ended up getting the deluxe version as this includes the ability to report foreign income and also exclude it. We haven't heard back from the IRS yet (so hopefully it's all okay) but I would definitely give Turbotax a go! Also, as mentioned above, also very key to get the FBAR done before April (you file electronically online) if at any point in the previous financial year your foreign accounts had an aggregate balance of $10,000 or over.
  10. Hey All! So it's that time of year for the FBAR filing, and with this being my first I was hoping someone could answer a couple questions! So i'm aware you have to fill out the FBAR if any of your foreign accounts have over $10,000 in at any point of the financial year. My first question is: If I had over $10,000 in Account A, do I need to report the $2000 I had in Account B? It was my understanding that I do need to, is that right? Secondly, if for example, Account A had $11,000 in it, and then the next day I transfer $4000 from that account into Account B, do I now need to report the the new maximum figures for both accounts. e.g. Account A = $11,000, Account B = $4,000. I only wonder if this is the case as it makes it seem like I have more money than I really do (e.g. $15,000) when all I did was transfer existing money into another account (e.g. still only $11,000 total in my accounts)? I hope that makes sense? Any help is appreciated - I just want to make sure I fill it in all correctly
  11. Hi All! I was under the impression that once we filed for AOS we became eligible to enroll in plans on the Healthcare Marketplace. As with standard procedure, the Healthcare Marketplace asked me to upload immigration documents. I did so, uploading my AOS NOA1, but I received a notice today which said that "you submitted a document that didn't include the allowable duration of your stay." Now, of course, as you all know.. the AOS NOA1 doesn't specify your definitive allowed duration of stay.. it's just until its processed... How do I explain this? I've tried calling them but don't seem to be getting anywhere as the Adjustment of Status is obviously a very rare occurrence for the Healthcare telephone support centre. In addition, https://www.healthcare.gov/immigrants/immigration-status/ clearly states: and then under: https://www.healthcare.gov/immigrants/documentation/ I'm hoping someone has been in a similar situation and was able to resolve it? Or if anyone had any advice in general? Thanks all!
  12. If your fiance completed all his vaccinations from his K1 medical, you should be able to contact the original doctor who performed the medical to ask for another copy of the DS-3025 vaccination form. I'm not sure of their processes, but hopefully they should be able to email it to you if you need it.
  13. The I-693 instructions state: It continues: While this can be interpreted to mean that they should hopefully have the DS-3025 available, if the original poster didn't complete the vaccination part of the medical then they are required to get those specific sections of Form I-693 complete before sending their AOS package in. Alternatively, if they have a completed DS-3025 that acts as proof that they have complied with the vaccination requirements, I really don't see how that would harm their case to submit a copy of it with their AOS packet.
  14. Did you submit the completed DS-3025 when you filed for AOS? @K1visaHopeful Would love your insight on this, do you reckon this is going to be typical following the rule changes?
  15. Thanks for the review! How comes you needed a new medical? From your signature it looks like you filed for AOS within the validity period of your K1 medical?
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