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  1. I'm a citizen, CR1, and we're on our 9 month of waiting to hear about our interview. If you have a similar case, expect to wait 9-10 months for an interview at Ciudad Juarez.
  2. The group that I follow is called "Citados al consulado en Cd Juarez" but you need a facebook account to join the private group.
  3. It's taking about 9 months to get the interview. I'm currently waiting for my wife's interview since October 22nd, 2018. We're hoping we get notified in July to attend the interview in August, but at this point we don't even know.
  4. Is the petitioner Citizen? If so, you are looking at getting your interview letter/email on January 2020. If the petitioner is a US Resident then it's based off your priority date. I'm a CZ petitioner with CC October 2018 and still waiting for my wife's interview date. 😢
  5. For Ciudad Juarez it is taking that long. There are people with September 2018 case complete status with NO interview yet. It's a long process but you have to be patient. It will all be worth it in the end.
  6. Not yet. Hopefully this week they start assigning interviews.
  7. you have to hang up and try again. It worked for me a few weeks ago when I called. However, they weren't very helpful. All they said was to wait and that they did not know when I would get an interview.
  8. Keep calling various times, it will eventually prompt you the option to speak with a representative. Also, last month they started giving out interviews around the 12th of May. I'm really hoping they start giving out interviews around the 12th of June for those with October CC. Good luck and keep us updated.
  9. It's taking around 9+ from case complete date to get an interview. I'm waiting since October 2018 and have not yet received an interview.
  10. As mentioned above, it's taking around 9 months for an interview to be scheduled at CDJ. There are people from August 2018 who are still waiting for an interview. I'm still in the queue and my CC is 10/22/18
  11. Congrats! Seems like they are moving along with the interviews since I've seen several people with CC in September getting interviews.
  12. It's a different process for us on a IR-1/CR-1 Visa. We don't schedule the interview. Usually an email will be sent to us informing us of our interview.
  13. I have also seen several CC from October getting interviews in June. Hopefully they continue scheduling for those with CC October.
  14. It's different for Ir-1 and CR-1. We are notified by email with instructions to check on that website to see when the interview has been scheduled.
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