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  1. hi, for your update, USCIS received my documents the day USPS say its available for pick, but still USPS saying on tracking ":Delivery attempt: Action Needed. " anyways thanks,
  2. I sent my packet of 130 on 31 Jan and it reached at feb 6 it says ready for pick up and now feb 11 it says Delivery attempt: Action Needed. Has anybody in here have the same experienced before? Should I call the USPS to redeliver it and waived the signature required since I think that caused the problem because it is a PO Box and no one in there to sign it when the packet arrived?
  3. Hello everyone. I made a mistake. I sent my packet to the Chicago P.O. Box via certified mail with return receipt - meaning someone had to sign for it From 6th February its showing “available for pick”. till today 10 February USCIS has not Picked it, USPS said: Our records indicate this item,7016356000006427XXXXX, arrived in the delivery unit of 60680 February 6, 2018 and is available for pick up by the designated agent for the company your item was addressed to. We do apologize for any inconvenienced experienced. Unfortunately, there is no further assistance our department can supply regarding this concer, and your inquiry will be closed. So should I just have to wait for it to be sent back to me, I don’t know what to do please help
  4. thanks for your quick response. means you only submit copy of English nikkah nama and Copy of nadra marriage certificate and copy of birth certificate. or submit the original. or notary public stamp?
  5. hi, did you get any checklist regarding english nikka nama, please update your process, thanks
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