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  1. First time to post here! Just had our interview today. It took us 3 mins and he said we're approved lol didn't ask for any documents or pictures which I was surprised because I brought a lot with me lol. NOA1 Aug 24, 2018 Fresno, California.
  2. May I ask what proof of legal status you showed DMV to be able to apply for driver's license? I heard the NOA for AOS can be used and I just want to confirm.
  3. @Greenbaum aside from my birth certificate and diploma, what other original documents should I bring with me to the US?
  4. Then it would take time for them to deliver since youre far from Manila, I dont think it will take 3-5 days for you. The email will say: Dear _____, Your document(s) have been collected from the US Embassy/Consulate The passport number being returned is EB______ and the airway bill for tracking is A1_______ You have chosen to have your documents delivered to the following location: *address* but the text will only say: Passport number EB______ ay maaari ng kuhanin. Don’t worry about the text though. Even if it says its for pickup the email will say it will be delivered.
  5. I think most of the time they deliver it together. The day 2go picks up your passport at the embassy, they (USEM) will text and email you with the tracking number. Then on the day you will get your visa 2go will text you that it will arrive.
  6. Yup got it June 5 at 8AM lol surprised they delivered that early.
  7. Is your status issued already? And did you have it delivered or for pickup? Maybe you live far from Manila.
  8. Very smooth. It was only a day under AP then issued 2 days after. My visa will be delivered today (4th working day).
  9. During my interview the CO clearly said “your visa is approved” but if they didnt ask for any other additional documents you need to send over and kept her passport then she passed. Also, they keep the Birth certificate as far as I know.
  10. I want to go there when I already have my visa on hand. Im leaving by the end of June so I just scheduled it a week before my flight.
  11. Mine said last update was May 31 so maybe it was issued yesterday? But yeah I was surprised that it was quick too.
  12. Have you tried calling the embassy about this? This seems very odd but it maybe just a glitch on their part? I was interviewed May 30 and right now my status says Issued already.
  13. Visa was approved yesterday. I can now say that the interview part is the easiest and the consul was lovely. They only asked to see our pictures and nothing else. On to the next step! Thanks for everyone's help!
  14. @Greenbaum someone I knew had her vaccines today and told me they gave her the flu shot already. Called SLEC and was told their flu vaccines just arrived yesterday so I will just go back after my interview on wednesday. So yes, they now require the flu vaccine as early as now.