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  1. I went into the local Social Security office today, it's been over 3 weeks since I arrived in the US, no SSN has arrived in the post. The person helping me couldn't find my name in the system/a record of an application, so was unable to give me a print out of my number and then told me I needed a physical green card before I could apply. I politely advised that the visa in my passport was sufficient and could I please have a social security number application if I had no application in the system, she went to check and agreed the passport visa was sufficient but then I was told that: -USCIS may take up to 8 weeks after entry to put the request in the system and I can not apply until 8 weeks have passed from arrival in the US. -I cannot apply for a social security number before then as 'I could end up with dual social security numbers which would cause nightmares for me' So do I go back/go to a different office and hope to get someone with a different answer or is the person I spoke with correct?
  2. I received my passport 6 days after my interview, with 1 of those days being a public holiday for the embassy (Thanksgiving).
  3. When mine is posted it should still be next day (I'm in Perth metro area so express post has it within the range of next day guaranteed). You can also track parcels that are express posted online with their tracking number. I'm sure it will be fine but I'm really hoping it's soon so I can be back with my wife before our anniversary in early December, just waiting on the passport so I can book a flight out as soon as I have it.
  4. Mine hasn't been posted yet Did you get an email that it was posted on Wednesday?
  5. On the post page I only filled in the address I wanted it posted to, even if you take a blank one they will tell you what to fill. I don't think you 'have' to dress any particular way - but I dressed professionally, wearing an outfit I would wear to work which seemed fitting for the seriousness of the occasion. Everyone I heard was a spouse, but I only heard like three interviews, so that isn't a great sample of what happened that day. I posted a review which has my questions, I didn't remember them so well but found that a lot of other people who've reviewed the embassy recently were able to list the exact questions they were asked.
  6. I also had my interview yesterday, I was super stressed because we were using assets instead of income with no joint sponsor and had heard that could be a problem - but in the end it was not an issue. They definitely ask for an express post bag for CR1/IR1 visas, if you don’t have one with you they will make you go get one before they let you upstairs. My interview time was 0800, I was there about 0740 and the people queuing were allowed in shortly before 8. I was out of there at about 0910. Read the embassy reviews on here, I found them very helpful in knowing the process etc for when I got there.
  7. My wife an I entered after filing I-130 but before it was approved. I took documentation showing my ties to Australia (job, mortgage etc) and advised the officer I had an I-130 pending, he was nice didn't ask to see any further documentation and wished me luck in hearing back soon. Our attorney advised that once you submit your DS 260 during the NVC process entering the US on ESTA becomes a bit more challenging - we were advised not to attempt it. I'm sure I've seen mention of others entering the US after that point though.
  8. The message back in September we got from NVC said documentarily qualified and that case status tracker changes too. Fingers crossed for you - this last part has really dragged and caused us quite a bit of stress.
  9. The message back in September we got from NVC said documentarily qualified and that case status tracker changes too. Fingers crossed for you - this last part has really dragged and caused us quite a bit of stress.
  10. Me and my wife are applying on assets only, we are a decent amount above the 3x amount for IR1/CR1 in liquid assets. We's still mildly concerned, my wife is studying and I'm the one who has been working/will be working during her studies. I don't know if it's different for you because you have already submitted incomplete paperwork but there are people who are approved on assets. I've also made a packet of evidence of my employability (work/study history, documentation of a job interview process I'm currently in with a company in the US, screenshots of other contact from recruiter's I've had passively), showing them that we don't intend to use the assets as I'll be getting work once I arrive. Because of our concern we have joint sponsor paperwork ready to go in case they reject the assets, unfortunately we didn't have the required tax documents in time to submit during the NVC process but we have it all now. We used Fed-Ex priority shipping to transport secure documents across the world - they have always arrived very quickly and it's very clear that they have not been tampered with in transit. My interview is in a couple of weeks, and obviously it's country dependant but I'll update you how it goes.
  11. Here are my recent times: 09/19/18 - Case Complete at NVC 10/16/18 - Advised interview date over the phone (+27 days) 10/18/18 - Interview appointment letter received (+28 days) 11/20/18 - Appointment (+33 days) I believe they send out all the letters at the same time, so the people who interviewed in October found out like a day before my case was complete. So I think my wait time is close to the maximum you can get - they usually send out letter interviews for the next month mid month so hopefully you should hear soon about your December interview date.
  12. I have researched this - you are able to work as soon as your arrive on an IR1/CR1 HOWEVER your employer will likely not pay your wages until you provide a SSN. Page 2 of Social Security Administration document verifies this: https://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10107.pdf
  13. redvines

    How to fill this cover sheet out?

    I'm assuming the cover sheet is for all visas, i.e the 'job offer' parts seem to be relevant to an employment based visa. Only include things that are applicable/relevant - i.e not everyone has a name change or a divorce etc
  14. Mine changed overnight to in transit too! 23 days I've been waiting since CC, going to call first thing NVC opens to try get that date.