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  1. Marimari12

    NVC progress

  2. Marimari12

    NVC progress

    Hello, my Embassy Interview will be in Rio de Janeiro (RDJ), but my visa is EB3. So I’m in doubt if mt case is a pivot or not. Also, NVC’s website doesn’t show RDJ as a email processing country... is this table above more updated than the website? Thanks in advance
  3. Marimari12

    NVC processing time

    Got it, thanks! Where can I get the information whether Brazil is a pivot case or not?
  4. I’m from Brazil. Would that be a pivot case?
  5. Hi! Please, how do I know if my case is pivot or not? Pivot cases usually take longer, correct? Are pivot cases those who are overseas? Is that the definition? Thanks in advance
  6. Marimari12

    NVC processing time

    Sorry to bother but what does pivot case means? New on the NVC stage, trying to figure it out thanks in advance!
  7. Hi! NVC confirmed that received my case 28 days ago. My case wasn’t put into the system yet. Is that taking that long nowadays? 4 weeks and counting... How long does it usually take to get the case number? After that, how long should I expect to have my interview scheduled considering that I don’t get a checklist?
  8. Hi everyone! Does anyone know how long it’s taking on average to have the case completed after it’s received by NVC? And how long does it take to have the case number after NVC received the case?
  9. It maybe a silly question but I just can’t find this NVC case status tracker... my case is at NVC right now, but I don’t have the NVC case number yet. Once I get it, how can I check my case status? Only by telephone or email? Is there an online system to check it? Thx in advance
  10. Hello! My case status on the USCIS website shows approval on April 10th and “sent to the department os state on April 16th”. But my attorney hasn’t received the approval notice yet, neither the hard copy (mail) nor the soft copy (email). My attorney doesn’t get back to me quite often and I just can’t get much information from her. So would you guys enlighten me up: 1) is it common not to get the approval notice? How long does it normally takes to be sent by email or mail? 2) Is it possible that the case hasn’t been approved even with the “sent to the department of state” status? 3) after the “sent to the department of state” status, how long does it take to make to the NVC? Would be really appreciative to hear from you ASAP. Thx
  11. Marimari12

    slow..? or..??

    My petition was approved on November 29th and still hasn’t made it to the NVC. My case status doesn’t state that it was sent to the Department of State. Starting to freak out
  12. Hi everyone! On November 29th 2017 I had my I-140 approved by USCIS. Nonetheless, I just called USCIS and I heard from the electronic service that my case was approved on January 8, 2018. How is that possible? Why did my approval date changed so drastically? Did it ever happened before to any of you? Thank you very much
  13. I’ll do it! I ‘be just joined the VJ community, but i’ll do it ASAP! Thanks for your insights
  14. Hello! My status on the USCIS website is still “my case was approved and may decision was emailed” 🙁 I’m at the Texas service center (SRC) Do you believe USCIS might be taking more than 60 days to send the petition to the NVC? On Monday, I’ll do what you just said Thank you very much!