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  1. Hi! My EAD card has been delivered to me. Below the card, it states that it 'Serves as I-512 Advance Parole', does this mean that my card is valid as an Advance Parole too? ie, I can leave the country and come back wtihout any issue?
  2. AOS 30 April 2019 - Package sent with FedEx 1 May 2019 - Package received my USCIS Chicago Lockbox 5 May 2019 - Fees deducted from Credit Card 6 May 2019 - NOA1 received from text! 27 June 2019 - RFIE received via text/email 1 July 2019 - Letter for RFIE received 2 July 2019 - Sent back RFIE 3 July 2019 - USCIS changed status to 'Response to USCIS' Request for Evidence Was Received 11 Sept 2019 - Testing and Interview 30 Sept 2019 - EAD Card Produced
  3. EAD card is produced! How long do I need to wait for my card to arrive?
  4. Hi! My husband has a job offer from out of state so we are thinking to move to CA from WA. Will changing the address to our new CA address affect the process of our interview? Our case is ready to be scheduled in WA state but i am just afraid that if I change the address to the new one at CA it will slow down the process. Also, I have read about stories of USCIS letters being sent to the old address that would affect the entire process (eg, interview cancelled, delayed, etc). Does anyone have any experience that would enlighten me? Thanks!
  5. I did not know about the backlog! My status just changed ready to schedule interview yesterday but I have no idea on the timeline after that. Is there another thread for Seattle only?
  6. Hi! Anyone filing from Seattle have any updates about your case?
  7. hi! my husband (petitioner) just got his job terminated and have been looking for a job for a while. I do want to help my husband but I am still waiting for my EAD card. Is this a good reason to file an expedited EAD card for me? Can I show evidence that my husband (petitioner) just got his job terminated hence facing financial hardship?
  8. Thanks for this! I just sent the original copy of the translation, just in case. They have received my evidence and have resumed to work on my case
  9. I do not have a beneficiary since I am the applicant, they are just asking for my Birth Certificate. Figured out why. I sent a COPY of my english translation document instead of a ORIGINAL english translation, I guess that might be the problem. Anyone have experience in this? It states that I must provide: (1) a copy of the original document in its foreign language; and (2) a full English translation of the document Thoughts? I submitted a copy of both.
  10. I just got the letter and yes they asked to include a copy of the birth certificate into the pacakge. No idea why they asked for it again even though i have sent it
  11. Hi! I got an RFE too. Just checking, is the form 1040 only consist of 2 pages?
  12. Did anyone get an RFE yet? I just received an e-mail and text from USCIS that says I need to give them more evidences! I am a little worried because I have given them like all that I had.
  13. Hi! I read that we can expedite EAD when we got a job offer. Does anyone know what is the procedure? Do I call the USCIS first or get the job offer first?
  14. Hi! I received NOA1 in the mail from USCIS but they have not given me the date for my biometrics. Will I get another letter for the date of my biometrics?
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