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  1. Can you please Share name, address and contact number of that lawyer, I have been in AP since Jan 2018
  2. What kinda engineer are you? I have been in AP since Jan 2018, I'm telecommunication engineer, they never asked for my cv. And how long have you been in AP?
  3. Yes, in islamabad embassy. my wife filed my case and she is US citizen. what about your case, any update, any response from embassy?
  4. Does anyone know how to track passport? i used this http://tracking.dgip.gov.pk/login.aspx but mine it says token number doesn't exist
  5. thanks for your swift reply. she did contacted a senator and he send inquiary on our behalf but no luck. my wife is with me right now should we go to the embassy or contact them, is there anyway to contact the embassy?
  6. Yes, CO told me at the end of the interview about email and after 1 day i got email ( DS 5535). i have simple pakistani name (waseem ahmed) CO asked questions about pictures, how we communicate, my wife likes or unlikes, about my education, about my school, how many times we met before marriage . who paid for my school, about my brother business etc. i never travelled abroad, don't have job history etc.
  7. Can I have estimated time to get visa plsssss? My interview date was 23rd Jan 2018, my visa category is IR-1 cr1, by profession I'm telecommunication engineer, it's been more than one year send several inquiries but no luck yet. They gave me white form in which 221g was ticked and I got ds additional questionnaire as well. My wife visited me in Jan 2019 and she is with me right now. Any suggestions what should I do. Thanks in advance.
  8. Salam every one! I have been in AP since Jan 23 2018, my interview was OK, my category is IR-1 Cr1. After interview they gave me white paper and then they emailed me additional questionnaire. Send several inquiries even through Congress man but no luck. Its been more than 11 months. I heard after 12 month they usually terminate case. Not sure why they taking so long. So in this case what should I do? And my wife came last week. Need suggestions. May Allah solves our problems
  9. My visa category is IR-1. After interview CO gave me white form in which 221g was ticked and I have engineering background.
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