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  1. What language is spoken when they interview you about your case. The language in that country or English??????? I am interviewing in India.
  2. Oh okay is there guides on how to do well for interviews ... what kind of question they would ask and all ?
  3. hello guys, I needed to know what happens after waiver has been approved and they have set up the appt. Do you have to do medical exam in the host country or would it be okay if i did it in the United States. I wanted to do at least the vaccines in the US that way only thing left would be the exam itself if i have to do in the my home country. Would we expect the decision at the end of the interview or afterwards.... is there a guide for what kind of question they would ask... I am really anxious/nervous/scared any help would be helpfull... Thanks
  4. You are correct. I thought you can still go to interview but cannot.... Talked to different lawyers only thing you can do in this case is 204(L) if it applies...
  5. Brother sister petition was filed and the visa is current Sister is in the America to waive the 10 year bar we filed the i601a waiver through mother >>>days before the waiver was approved the mother passed away <<<<< Since the waiver is approved the next step is NVC. Does the waiver still stand or is it invalid since the person passed away couple of days before it was approved Can INA 204(L) help save my case if its invalid...