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  1. You’re so right guess what there is nothing more I can do just have to go with whatever I have thanks so much for your help.
  2. Tevaughn1998

    Got My Green Card!

    So even if you pay for it before you migrate??
  3. Tevaughn1998

    Got My Green Card!

    Good morning , I am also immigrating pretty soon and i already paid for my green card online so what exactly custom tell you on arrival to the USA ?? How long it would normally takes to get your green card? I am going through Fort Lauderdale
  4. Hello good morning wish you luck on your interview pls let me know how it goes cause I have a friend going to do her interview next month and she also have a newborn baby.
  5. Good morning everyone, anyone waiting for date to go to the Jamaican embassy??
  6. Tevaughn1998

    Tax Transcripts

    How do you download your transcripts from IRS ??
  7. Question what do they mean at NVC?? I called them today and there are telling me that my documents have been accepted so I just have to wait to get my date to go to the embassy. Why It’s not saying document accepted instead of At NVC??
  8. How do you check if your case is complete??
  9. Tevaughn1998


    My dad just send his paper works to NVC and he never send a tax Transcripts he only send 1040 alone. I was told you can use the 1040 but with your W2.
  10. My dad filed for me he’s USC am under 21 year old so he’s about to mail his supporting documents to NVC but I realize that he only have the 1040 forms, I864 & proof of his citizenship not The actually transcript from IRS what do you think will NVC accept it?? He’s also using a joint sponsor who is my stepfather but he filled out the I864, W2, 2017 tax transcripts & proof of citizenship. I am just worried about my dad part cause I actually think he had the tax transcripts anyway he’s going to send it off tomorrow so let’s see what happen from here if it’s possible can I please get your input on my situation thank you!!!
  11. Tevaughn1998

    Got NVC # now what?

    The first thing you going to do is choose an agent then pay the affidavit support & the visa fee
  12. Tevaughn1998


    Thank you