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  1. https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do;jsessionid=17F9CC11E638BC41F9B57F62872AE5F2
  2. Our case was approved on the 6th, today we got a new update saying it: Case Was Sent To The Department of State On August 13, 2019, we sent your case, Receipt Number , to the Department of State for visa processing. You can find general information on Consular Processing by visiting our website at www.uscis.gov . The website will provide information on what to do next, who to contact, and how to inform us of any changes in your situation or address. So it seams to be moving fast so keep checking it, we are waiting for our letter with the NVC number and what to do next too! EXCITED!
  3. I am also wondering how long will it take after you are approved to when you can pick up you passport/visa to travel back to the us with your partner. Did you go to the interview? Did they not give any more information other than the card? You cant ask anymore questions about it after you got the card before you leave the Embassy?
  4. Thank you I appreciate it, perhaps she has heard some wrong information which seems to be common there, because I told her what was on the list already. The attestation statement is something you make yourself?
  5. Hello all, My wife and I (US Citizen) was married in January this year in Thailand, we are prepping our paperwork to file the I-130. We know we need to get our paperwork Translated from Thai to English. She is trying to do all the Translation her self. Our question is: does she need go to the ministry to get a certificated stamp from them and if needed, what exactly it needed to bring there (marriage certificate, marriage paperwork we filled out, her ID card, her prof of residence) Thanks
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