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  1. I got the interview invitation but in the paper, it's not clear what should I bring. They are asking for my Tax returns and IRS printouts but I never worked. In this case, do I have to bring any other document that proves that?
  2. According to the old site they sent my interview information in the mail. (its still not there in the new log in uscis site) I know i am going to get a stamp in my passport but it is expiring real soon. That is why its important to me to know how long is it take because i gonna get a new passport soon and then the old passport is not gonna be valid with the stamp in it. Later i am not gonna be able to come back only if i have the green card in my hand. Thanks
  3. All right thanks for the advice. U answered me earlier too. I am really grateful for your work that you do here. I just find it amazing that ppl like you help for free. Seriously wishing the best for you and your family.
  4. We filed all the paperwork on her maiden name already on all 3 forms - AOS, work and travel auth. also can you explain: "tote around the mc." xD no idea what does this mean.
  5. When we got married she used her maiden name and even on the marriage certificate its not the changed name. And as i said i am not the girl. I am the beneficiary in this K1 process. So my AOS is fine i am just asking how does her name change affect my case?
  6. Hi, After the approved k1 visa we got married and we are living together. My wife (the petitioner) did not change her name yet. We would like to change it now tho. What is the procedure to do so and how does it affect my AOS, work and travel authorization cases? Thanks
  7. Don't get me wrong i am really thankful for your help. I just wanna make sure i am doing it right hope you understand it. 😉
  8. Yes this part is obvious (my second question). But the real question is that what is a "evidence of exemption".
  9. Yes, she did not file one cuz we is a student. Can i ask if you are sure or its just your personal opinion?
  10. I just got an RFE about my wife's IRS tax return. Her father is our co-sponsor because she is a university student. On the form i-864 we did not check the not required part for her. We did not file a written explanation why she does not have a tax transcript. The text of the RFE was: What do you need to do: If you were not required to file a Federal income tax return under U.S. tax law for any other reason, attach a typed or printed explanation including evidence of the exemption and how you are subject to it. Residence outside of the United States does not exempt U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents from filing a U.S. Federal income tax return. See Filing Requirements in the IRS Form 1040 Filing Instructions to determine whether you were required to file. So what do i need to file? i have 3 things in mind: 1. Do i have to redo the form and check that box on hers? 2. Is there any explanation sample i can use to copy? 3. I find out the you can ask for a non-filer transcript also. Should we get that too? Link to the non filer thing. (also since that's all the info they sent i am not sure of this is the only problem they have- what if something wrong with hes dad's one too) Thanks for your help
  11. Hi if you create a uscis account and long in you can add your case. When you did that you gonna see an option "address change" in your case discription. Its an online thing you can do it in minutes.
  12. HI, I filled my AOS package and i got my NOA1's. Also scheduled for the biometric next Tuesday. I just got an email that they sent an RFE yesterday. My question is: Who sent the RFE the local office or the main one in Chichago? Because if it came from locally then maybe i can talk to them about it at the biometric thing. Also another question I already talked about this and i sent the mail with an extra letter asking them to send it to my PO box but they did not change the address. I know that because that is the only NOA1 that does not arrived. Should i change my address online or any idea what to do? Thanks
  13. https://www.***removed***/forms/i-131-sample-application-travel-document.pdf Also look at this sample document. They filled out part 3.
  14. This is the information for part 7. on that site that you sent. But if i don't fill out the correct address how is it gonna work? I am seriously confused.
  15. Well either way at part 7 its only asking for overseas address.