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  1. I dont understand your question. Nobody submit biometrics, there is an appointment that you have to go. If that is what you are talking about then you dont need to do anything after, they will process it.
  2. Your card is being produced. I was so surprised when I opened the app today. Visajourney was giving me estimates for 2022. (Filed in mid February) wac
  3. I know for sure u cannot do federal jobs as a permanent resident. Its just I am not sure if a bank employee counts as federal. Thanks for your answer tho.
  4. I just applied to work at a local bank and they just told me that they will do some background checks: I-9. I was so excited because everything looks good but I just started thinking - Can I work at a bank with a green card? I just filed my I-751. Actually what kind of jobs allowed and not allowed as a permanent resident?
  5. I just filed the 751 about a month ago and we are thinking about moving to another state. How difficult is this to do during this process? At first we wanted to wait until the permanent green card arrives but I lost my job and we are thinking might as well look for a job where we were planning to move next year. Thanks for your opinion.
  6. Got the NOA today 4/5/2021 I have 18 months of extension on the paper. That sounds so long.
  7. Do you see the check image yet? For me its not showing up on my bank yet.
  8. We are filing soon and I have a feeling we should have more evidence but we are in a strange situation. We moved from the parents house to another one but its owned by the parents and we do not pay rent. We pay the utilities but its under the parents name also. Same situation with the car the only thing is the insurance where I am displayed as a "additional driver". So far these are the documents we collected: Duly completed Form G-1145, eNotification of Application Copy of Permanent Resident Card (front and back) Copy of Name Change Court Order for the us citizen spouse because she did not change her name right away Duly completed and signed Form I-751, petition to Remove Conditions of Residence Evidences of our bona fide relationship: o Copy of our 2019 Joint Tax return and w2 o Copy of daughter’s Birth Certificate and Social Security Card o Notarized sworn statement of sister o Copies of Joint insurance card o Copies of Joint auto insurance o Copies of both of our driver’s license showing the same address o Copies of combined bank statements o Copy of Joint utility bill (only home internet) o Copies of airline tickets for our family vacation o Family Pictures and our Wedding party Question 1: Should we collect more evidence? Question 2: Do they need anything else than the court order for the name change? //us citizen spouse did not change her name right away Question 3: Should we write an explanation about the house and car situation? Question 4: I have seen others filing their Marriage certificate again but the guide on visajourney says not to send since they are already have it on file. I agree with that logic.
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