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  1. Hello so in total how many days did you wait to get the oath ceremony letter from the day the status showed Oath Ceremony to be scheduled? Im in the same boat my status changed to Oath Ceremony will be scheduled about 1 week ago and my application field office is Holtsville NY (Long Island)
  2. Finally today the status has changed to Oath Ceremony will be scheduled. Was wondering how many days it takes for the status to change to Oath Ceremony letter mailed??
  3. Hi like you say that you waited like everybody else, so how many days did it take to get the finally the Oath ceremony letter?? Did the Infopass visit help??
  4. Hi any news on your end? What are you doing to expedite your oath ceremony since your 120 days have passed already? Please guide me too.
  5. Wow your case is worst then mine. You have crossed 120 days. Hope you and I receive the Oath ceremony letter soon. By the way which field office did you give your interview at?
  6. Hello jjjdddlll.......I'm kind of in the same boat like you. Interview passed on Oct 13th 2017 and 90 days have passed. Wife passed her interview after me and got her oath ceremony letter in December 2017 and has a US passport now Please tell me how did your case get resolved finally? Did you just keep waiting or you approached someone?
  7. I had given my Citizenship interview on Oct 13th 2017 at Holtsville, Long Island NY field office and had passed the interview, the officer told me to expect the oath ceremony letter in 6 weeks but its now 12 weeks and I've still not received the oath ceremony letter. When I call USCIS they say we have 120 days to make a decision. My wife who gave her interview on Oct 19th (1 week after me) received her oath ceremony letter in December 2017 and got her passport in Jan 1st week 2018. Wondering why the delay? Any suggestions what are my options?