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  1. Congrats!!!!!!! Really happy to hear this news!
  2. Yes, very helpful. Thank you for your reply. The waiting is so difficult, so we're seriously considering it. May God bless you and Kofi.
  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!! Wow. We are so happy for you. We filed on 11 September and were even jubilating when we saw your update. God is good. We are still waiting for packet 3 and our interview date in Accra. Do you suggest scheduling the interview on your own?
  4. Hi berries. Longtime lurker here. Congrats to all the couples who have been approved! Received text notification today that an RFE is headed my way. Can't wait to respond and get on with our lives. Thanks to you all for the information, insights and positivity. Day 184 NOA1 - Sept. 11 RFE - March 14