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  1. Hi folks, I have a question regarding on filing I485 form Part 8. General Eligibility and Inadmissibility Grounds 17. Have you EVER violated the terms or conditions of your nonimmigrant status? Yes or No 22. Have you EVER been granted voluntary departure by an immigration officer or an immigration judge but failed to depart within the allotted time? Yes or No Should I fill out “YES”? Because she is out of status. It seems to be the right answer here..but it seems aweful but the truth. Any tips or suggestions? My wife she is on her VWP visa (WT or visitor visa) She has over OVERSTAYED for a year and few months. We are married for a year. thank you in advance
  2. Question, i485 form, part 8, 17. Have you EVER violated the terms or conditions of your non immigrant status? Y or N. 22. Have you EVER been granted voluntary departure by an immigrantipn officer or an immigration judge but failed to depart within the allotted time? Y or N. She’s overstayed... Do I answer “yes”. What should I do? thank you
  3. 3I’m filling out the forms ( 130, i485 etc .)There are “SO MANY” questions that does not apply to me. Instruction said answer all questions fully and accurately. I’m confused... Do I leave it blank or type/print N/A for all question? For examples: 1. U.S. Social security (if any) ______________ 2. Apt. Ste. Flr. ___________ 3. Name at birth (if different than above)_______ blah blah...... How did you guys filled it? thank you
  4. Congrats on the GC!! What status while your husband overstayed?
  5. I entered her name so many different ways but It just won’t come up. Could have been a typo or something....she does have the stamp and I’m also sending in the screen shot of the page which says “ no record found”.. hopefully it will bypass. if you don’t mind me asking what status were you holding during the 5 years of overstay?
  6. Quick question guys/gals. Is there an advantage on hiring a lawyer to do the filing?
  7. I’m applying for i130. Should I apply for i131 as well?
  8. I got really scared from the CBP officers quote... we are at fault because Overstay.
  9. Tired many ways to locate my wifes i94 for AOS. ( different name combination, called port of entry) still no luck) finally I emailed the local dallas port. An officer called back. I told him that we need i94 for her AOS, he seemed very pissed and told me “she needs leave the country or get deported because of OVERSTAY bottom line” ...then hung up! i94 is the last piece of info I need to submit for AOS. She is out of status for since oct 2017. We have been married and have a child since then. Our family can’t afford to have her leaving the country..
  10. It really took a lot longer than we expected. We had to gather all of the require documents from over seas it was really pain in the behind. Just getting her birth certificate took several months because she was born in a small village in Vietnam and some of the documents needs the actual person present. I actually over looked on her passport, I’m not an expert I “assumed” she came in with a tourist visa ( I didn’t know the Visa Waiver Program existed) that was my mistake 😕
  11. This this is so confusing while reading all of the replies of this topic. I’m going thru this aos from vwp at the moment. Wish I could find the 100% answer not just arguements. I’m a usc. I married a vwp ( over stayed). We are married and together we have a 3 months old child. I’m just here to seek help.
  12. I’m a USC. Married my wife and have a 3months old child in the states. I’m trying to file paper work for my wife who is on a WT (visa waver program) into the US. I thought she was on a b1. Also, she over stayed. After gathering all the paper works, I was told by a local “professional” that he couldn’t help me anymore because my wife was on a WT. she cannot get a green card. he told me to find a lawyer..... I read from 2 sources so far that is telling me differ 1. Visa waver program can’t “never” change status. 2. VWP Changing status are “permitted” with immediate relatives of us citizen. We are worried & confused...what’s gonna happen? can she file for green card? Please help with your expertises thank you in advance.
  13. Can y’all point me the direction where I can obtain a copy of divorce record?
  14. Here is another question Is there anyway that she can apply for a drivers license with her current status?(no SSN)