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  1. Yes. As you probably know USCIS provide no information, I'm not sure they even know. Even tier 2 can't help. For starters, it's not normal but it's not out of the ordinary either. Lots of people have i751 pending for years. First year or two it was transferred to different offices due to workload. What didn't help was I filed n400 based on 3 years but then had to withdraw due to divorce, and switched i751 to waiver. Again, uscis won't comment so nobody knows for sure, butf frommy research it seems this happened to people in my situation who filed n400 + i751 pending. N400 got attached to i751 and my i751 priority date became my n400 date. So instead of my n400 being attached to my i751 and going to the head of the processing line, my i751 was attached to my n400 and went back to the bottom of the pile. I think this because in the thread with people who applied i751 the same time as me, the only people who didn't get i751 acceptance were people who applied n400 prior to i751 acceptance. My case was probably further delayed because when those other people were getting acceptance for joint n400+i751, I had to file for divorce and requested withdrawal of n400 and switch to waiver. USCIS keep increasing their 'processing time', when I first filed it was 9 months. It's now 40 months (of which I am still within).. so I can't really do anything other than wait. I had infopass appointment about 6 months ago and was told its at the field office for interview but still have not heard anything since.
  2. Hi, So my i751 has been pending for many years now, so long that I infact recently got divorced from my wife and had to request it be switched to divorce waiver. Anyway, I am now 5 years a green card holder and I'm filing my N-400 because who knows how long this process will take. Looking at the documents required on uscis im a little confused, my Green Card was originally applied for through marriage... And the documents required state to provide documents to prove marriage was bona-fide. However i think this is saying these documents are required if this was based on 3 year rule? Do I just submit N-400 with the divorce decree and nothing else? or do I re-submit the hundreds of documents and photographs proving my marriage that I have already submitted on my i751? My i751 is going through an attorney. I asked them to quite me for filing the N-400 as I thought it would be handy to keep everything going through their office. But they want $2500 + filing fees to file the n400, which to me seems a little high. The N400 is like 2 pages and I'm applying based on 5 years... So it doesn't seem to be too complicated? However, since this is my entire life I'm. Little paranoid and have been considering paying them the $2500 + filing fees. Is it worth it? In a nut shell, 2 questions: 1. what documents do I provide with my n-400 based on 5 year rule, after I have been divorced during my i751 process (i751 already switched to divorce waiver). 2. Is filing n400 through an attorney worth it in my case or is it a waste of money.
  3. I received a social security card when I moved to the USA under a working Visa. It has the following written across it: 'Valid for work only with DHS authorization' I've been using this ever since I moved here but I received a green card so I'd assume that my social security card should no longer say this? I'm worried if I change jobs it may raise questions. I've googled this to death but I can't find any info.
  4. Thanks for the detailed response. I really appreciate it, as i am in a little bit of limbo i believe i have time as my attorney says that my priority date is now for my N-400 which according to my field office is a full 14 months behind, which means around December 2018 before an interview. As this has all just happened, i am seeking advice and letting the dust settle. With the 60 days before a final divorce decree, say if i file around March to be divorced around May and advise USCIS i will still be ok? From your response it seems like you are kind of recommending to get divorced ASAP and tell USCIS.. Which may be good advice, but as i process all these new developments and get my ducks all in order id rather prefer some time to figure everything out and adjust. Thank you, its just very hard not to get stressed. Do you feel the list of evidence that i have is solid enough to provide bonafide? After compiling all my evidence it has made me feel much better, as i believe the sheer volume of evidence such as deeds, taxes, cars, insurance and then thousands of text messages every day for the 4 years is more than enough to provide the legitimacy of our marriage.
  5. Thank you, although very difficult emotionally i feel that as i have a legitimate marriage and the amount of bonafide evidence i have i should have nothing to worry about, correct? As far as i have been advised that is incorrect, there are two different requirements between the i751 and the N400. For the i751, I can only advise USCIS and request a change to divorce waiver once my divorce has been finalized as there is no 'separated' option for i751, its either married or divorced, and divorce is no where near happening as me and my wife have not broken up, and even when i get to that point it takes 60+ days for cooling off and a judge to sign the papers. So technically we are still married, as in we are legally married and share the same home, if shes cheating on me that does not mean we are not married. According to my attorney if i am not divorced by the time my i751 adjudication comes around, i simply go to the interview under the joint paperwork as it was filed as married, and i am still technically married and i would be honest to the officer, if he were to say ask me specifically if i have any issues with my marriage, i would tell the truth. Again, as far as i have been advised, the requirements for bonafide marriage are exactly the same. The N-400 the requirement is you have to be married, as we all know if you are separated or divorced you have to withdraw the 3 year N-400 application. Again, as we are not technically separated or divorced yet i have not withdrawn that application, at the very least i want some concrete information on what happens to my i751 when i withdraw an N400 now that both are tied together.. does my i751 go back to CSC? does it get thrown in the trash and i have to refile? does it stay in the N-400 priority queue its been placed in and i still have to wait a year for review? This is where i am in a further grey area, if i am separated in a few months time, i would have to withdraw my N-400, however my i751 would stay as joint since i may not be divorced... what does that mean if both are planned to be adjudicated at the same time? I'm surprised i haven't got more advice on here, i have followed this place a lot and people seem to be very forth coming with solid advice, i'm disappointed ive only had 2 replies. I am just very paranoid about every step i take now, my attorney has been wrong about things (such as him categorically telling me my N400 application will not affect my i751 at all, when in fact it meant my i751 priority date is now worthless) so i want as many opinions as i can get going forward. At this point im honestly thinking about finding a new immigration attorney anyway, i feel like they already have my money for filing the paperwork and now the extra complexities they do not want to deal with.
  6. I understand that, my post was more about the dozens of other questions i have like what does withdrawing my N400 do to my i751 that is tied with it? do i have enough evidence for a divorce waiver? Can i submit text messages as evidence?
  7. Hi, Long time lurker here, finally need some advice. I have had my i751 pending since June 2016, It was supposed to have been reviewed at the CSC at the end of last year but was not. I filed my N400 in August 2017 before the i751 was reviewed as my attorney said it would not affect my i751 at all as the i751 has to be reviewed before the N400. Seems my attorney doesn't know what hes talking about, as now it is pretty apparent that anyone who filed N400 while i751 was still in process has had them both combined and now its in the N400 waiting list, which for my location is 14 months behind (which means something like december/january 2018 before they get to it). Heres the issue, my wife and i have been married for 4 years. However, i am pretty certain she is cheating on me, in fact i know she is. We have grown very distant, to the point we barely see or speak on a daily basis. She has even began staying out at nights, not all the time, but sometimes, also i am the bread winner of the household, and pay all the bills, she never used our CC unless for groceries but recently she charged thousands of dollars in one month which is another red flag to me, i did not even know until my bill was paid that it was so high. If my paperwork is now on hold until a new priority date of around December/January 2018 i cannot keep my sanity for that long being treated this way. I would like some advice on my options. As far as i understand, i751 is either married or divorced, but the N400 is married only. If i file for divorce i know id have to withdraw my N-400 only to re-apply as a 5 year green card holder (no big deal since my i751 has been pending so long thats less than 12 months anyway), but what effect of withdrawing an N400 when the i751 is tied to it does that have to the paperwork? Does the i751 go back to the CSC from the NBC? will it get adjudicated sooner and go back to the original priority date (which should have been reviewed in 2017) does it begin a whole new priority date? Secondly, i understand id have to write a letter to advise that i request my i751 be adjusted to a divorce waiver, does this change the burden of proof or requirements? does it cast additional suspicion onto my marriage? I worry as our marriage was not 100% conventional, we got married at the court house as we both were in love with each other, and we planned to save up for a proper full blown wedding at a later date after my wife had graduated college as she decided to change career when we were dating (i can show the considerable savings in my bank account for this future wedding), it was also partly to help support my wife through college as she could get student loans based off my income, partly because of healthcare, dental care, eyecare etc. as i could put her on my insurance and generally take care of her as a husband would his wife. We never shared a bank account, she only had small part time jobs which i told her to keep that money for herself to help with college expenses, she has a credit card on my account that she uses, and i pay off whatever she buys (how she managed to spend thousands of dollars in one month). I do have extensive other documentation to show cohabitation and legit marriage such as: 1. the general deeds and warranty deeds to our house have both of us named as husband and wife (we were married when i purchased it) 2. property taxes. 3. home and car insurance policies. 4. HOA bills. 5. 4 years of tax returns filed jointly. 6. W-2s with our address. 7. memberships like AAA and Costco. 8. drivers license with shared address. 9. Health insurance policies/card. 10. Tax receipt of joint car purchase. 11. finance of joint car purchase. 12. title of joint car. We have about maybe 50 or so pictures together which inst a lot for a 4 year marriage, something i worry about as we weren't a 'selfie couple', i work 6 days a week and she was at college, and wed spend our spare Sunday walking the dogs or doing house work. I have lots of pics we took of each other doing things, such as me taking a picture opening her Christmas present, or me talking a picture of her with her family but i'm not sure if they are admissible if only one of us is in? I do have pictures with her family at special events, and when my parents visited i have pictures of herself with my parents also. Its not that we don't have any pictures together, we do, some with my family, some with hers, at a friends wedding, thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Just not as many as i see other couples have. Unfortunately everything we financed over the years, furniture, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. was in my name only as she had next to no income and no credit. Since i was paying the bills i had no issue of putting only my name on those finances. Its the same issue with the bills, i paid the bills to the gas, electricity, cable etc. and they are all in my name only. However I can show her student loans, voter registration cards and other paperwork that share our address, i hope that may be admissible? A possible slam dunk of evidence i think would be text messages. Google has backed up all my text messages since about 2014, so i have 3 years and tens of thousands texts i can submit as evidence that without a doubt would provide the marriage was bonafide. As a married couple we would text daily about issues with the house, our dogs, when we were buying furniture, school and work problems etc. I have no idea if this is admissible, but if it is it shows without a shadow of a doubt we were together legitimately. I could also get affidavits, although not as strong as the other evidence i have mentioned, i think affidavits from my neighbors who we have lived with for 4 years, maybe my realtor who spent endless days house shopping when i was trying to buy the perfect house for her, or maybe Friends and family who i introduced her to as my wife. With all that said, what is my best avenue of action? I was trying to ignore the general issues in my married life for now, but for the sake of my sanity i cannot take it any longer. I would be healthier to divorce her (i can prove her infidelity although it would be easier to file uncontested if she agrees), and file my i751 currently on my own and then reapply for my N400 again, and to not have to worry about this whole messed up situation. I just worry about the effect a divorce before my ROC has on casting any doubt on our marriage since it wasn't 100% conventional in the sense we didn't have a big blow out wedding with family and didn't share bank accounts. Anyway, i think i've vented everything thats been bobbling around in my mind. I hope someone out there can offer any advice... Its hard enough dealing with a failing marriage, but add to the fact that my entire life is on a knife edge because of this paperwork the pressure is getting impossible to bare.
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