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  1. Hello forum, We're currently preparing to file and we're now on the I-864. For the I-864, a family relative (also a USC) will be acting as a Joint Sponsor, since my wife (USC) income is below the poverty guideline requirements. Our joint sponsor, will be providing all financial documents (Tax Transcript, W-2 and Paystubs) to support the income on the I-864. From the I-864 instructions both my wife (the petitioner) and the Joint Sponsor must each complete and sign an I-864 form. My question is, would my wife also be required to include financial documents (Tax Transcripts, W-2 and Paystubs), to support the income mentioned her I-864 form. I ask because that my wife hasn't filed tax return since 2015 tax-year, and may owe some back taxes to Uncle Sam. Thank you for the response.
  2. Hello forum, My USC spouse has a son (also a USC), who is now my stepson by marriage. My question, is in Part 6 (Information About Your Children) on the I-485 form, do I also include my spouse son (who is a USC by birth)? Thank you for the response.