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  1. We filed my husband's on 12/10/18 and just got approval for the EAD/AP 6/19/19. Our office is NY as well! It's frustrating how long it all takes to get the green card because I'm pretty sure with the timeline we're going to have to reapply for the EAD/AP and pay a fee all over again. But on the bright side we did eventually get the EAD approval, hopefully yours will be coming soon after!
  2. Hey guys. I filed for AOS on 12/10/18 and have been basically looking every week online for my husband's EAD/AP approval. Looked today and saw that the processing time on their website went up from 5-7 months to 6.5-8.5 months feeling a little defeated but hopeful some news will come earlier than that.
  3. So how my fiance described the experience was that he went to the interview and the guy there asked for the I-134. He told the man he had two and the guy asked for both so he handed both in. It wasn't talked about after nor did it result in a denial. I know people say that having a co-sponsor can affect you but I don't think so I told him just to hand the one in and see if it was fine before handing in my dad's (I created a letter and everything). But in telling the guy that he had the second one they were both asked for up front so we ended up using both just to be safe. I only added my annual income and savings/ checkings to my I-134, no other assets. Hope this helps! If you have any other questions feel free to ask and good luck! I haven't heard that either, that's very strange. We used the I-134 for both me and my co-sponsor.
  4. Hey guys! I know that there were questions earlier on in this group of the layout/times of when the visa arrived after the interview. This was ours: 10/1/18- visa interview 10/4/18- visa issued 10/15/18- visa arrived at the house My fiance lives in the northeast so it took a bit longer than others. Also the Brazilian holiday impacted the timing as well. Hope this helps!
  5. He didn't ask any questions like that. I did all the vaccines for my age range, which he sends in a list with all the vaccines one should have if he is of a certain age. He states they are not required to get into USA, but you will need them for the next step. This facilitates your process when you are applying for the AOS so you don’t have to go to the panel physician’s there. I brought my original vaccination records only. They were given back to me at the end of the physical appointment. I did Blood and Urine exams in the same lab (Lab Lamina), then I did the X Ray (Clinica Cavallieri), and finally my physical appointment was on the same day at 2:30 pm. If you don't have the instructions, send an email for rjconsultorio@gmail.com. They answer you really quick. Their instructions are very clear and easy to understand 🙂
  6. The physical appointment wasn't what I expected. I expected it to be more intensive, but it was mainly questioning and superficial checkups. First I paid the R$ 700 to the secretary, gave my passport and ASC confirmation page (Which has my RDJ number), gave 6 3x4 photos, and my vaccination records, and filled out something she asked me. The doctor asked me If I had any surgery during my life, asked if I donated blood, asked if I had done HIV testing (I did when I donated blood). I showed him my eyes exam and told him I had nystagmus. When I said that, he focused a part of the appointment on it. He asked when I first detected it, how it interfered with my life, what was the cause of it, etc. For him, only diseases could cause nystagmus, I explained to him that that was not the only cause. He did some research on Nystagmus while I was explaining that to him and he saw what I meant. He also asked if I could drive, I said that I can but I don't have a driver’s license because of my sight limitations. It was not in a rude way, it was fine. He gave me the DS-3025 together with my vaccination records. After the questioning he measured my height, my weight, he took my forehead temperature, checked my throat, my heart pulses, my blood pressure and my ears. He then explained to me that my visual limitation is considered a "disability" and that I wouldn't be able to do some kind of works. I said I understand, but for my area of work it does not impact me that much (I am a Software Engineer). That was it. When I went there to pick the sealed envelope up, the secretary also gave me the exams I took (Urine, Blood, X-Ray). She said I will need them entering the USA. Those exams were not sealed.
  7. I did all the exams and physical on the same day (Tuesday September 25th), I got my DS-3025 at the end of the physical. The sealed envelope was available for me to pick it up September 28th.
  8. I thought it was only offered on Tuesdays as well. However, when I was setting up the interview, they offered Today`s date (a Monday). Thank you for the Luck, it worked, because we were approved today :) The appointment was straightforward: I arrived at the consulate, showed my passport, went upstairs to the second floor (where those visas are done). I was greeted by an employee that gave me two papers: one showing the list of documents I needed, and another one to fill out with contact information. The contact information form was asking for my address and phone number, my fiancee’s address and phone number and where I was staying in Rio. The list of documents were the ones described on their website, you just need to put them in order. The employee that gave you the two pages will check everything, and ask you to sign the sworn statement. Once I was done with the documents, I was directed to wait for the documentation check. This part is the longest. You will be asked about your living situation, employment history, get your fingerprints, etc. Your original documents will be returned in this step. This is not the interview yet. After that, I waited a little more. The Consul called me by my name, I went there, I was sworn in with my right hand up that I understand the proccess and such, then I signed with my fingerprints again. The Consul only asked me three questions, How and where we met, the last time I visited her, the last time she visited me. After that, she said everything was fine, said my visa will be ready in two weeks, and stated I can't marry before getting to USA and that I needed to do that within 90 days once I am there. Although my appointment was for 9:20 am, I arrived there at 8:10, I was allowed to go in and start filling out the form and organizing the documents. My interview was at 10:30 ish. The interview itself took 5 minutes at the most. The questioning was 2 minutes at the most. Good luck for everyone!
  9. I put yes because it had the hint on the side that said the fiancee is considered an immediate relative. I'll let you know if it was correct because my fiance is going to the interview Monday 😁
  10. Update: He went to his ASC appointment today for the K1 and that's all he needed--- the current passport and the DS-160 confirmation page. Thanks for the info!
  11. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has attended the ASC appointment outside of the Embassy yet and if they have any information about what specifically to bring to the appointment. If not, I will tell my fiance to bring everything and then once the appointment is over we will share the specifics of that information with everyone else here. Thanks
  12. Yes, we filled ours out after we got the RDJ number (even though we honestly could have done it before then). We just didn't submit it and get the confirmation page until after we saw the status change to 'in transit'.
  13. From Google Maps it looks like it's a 20 minute car ride 😱 My fiance signed up the get the biometrics done the friday before the interview. That's really good to know, thanks for sharing that
  14. Yupp! We scheduled the 6th or 7th of September. They say online that the only way to be in touch with them is through email so every time we've had to ask a question we used that. They answer relatively fast though, each time we emailed we got an answer back 1-2 days later https://br.usembassy.gov/visas/fiancee/where-to-apply-2/
  15. 1- Yes you book the interview and biometrics appointment on the same website at the same time (the website you put). You'll choose the day and time for both the interview and ASC right after. It's fairly straightforward once you go onto the interview website 2- I don't think you can do anywhere other than Rio. When my fiance set up for the interview/ ASC there were only time slots available, not places and times. But you can always check with the embassy to see! 3- choose the second option Hope this helps!
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