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  1. Oops sorry I didn't realize I was talking to you!! Haha @Christy&J
  2. Haha just telling them I can speak German, studied in college, a little out of practice at the moment
  3. Joaa, schon ein bisschen ich hab Deutsch in der Uni studiert! Aber leider bin ich außer Übung momentan...
  4. Nice!! Yeah he's technically from Bergisch Gladbach but he's a Kölner through and through
  5. We got NOA2 yesterday! I guess whining pays off sometimes?? My fiance is from the Cologne area
  6. I was whining all day yesterday. Good news, guys. I got an email this morning. Approved!!!! I had this feeling about yesterday. It was such a happy day, something was in the air. NOA1: 10/24/17 NOA2: 4/25/18 I'll update my timeline right away
  7. Oct 24th here, same situation. A lot of the scans show them just skipping over it
  8. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for saying that Fingers crossed!
  9. I had a dream we were approved last night My subconscious is probably jumping the gun as we're 10/24, but I'd like to think it's a sign for today
  10. Does anyone else ever start crying a little when they see all of these approvals, or is it just me? I'm just overcome with emotion. I am so excited and I'm going to be over the moon when I get our approval. So darn happy for all of you
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