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  1. Received letter that my case has been transferred from CSC to NSC. Filed 1/4/18.. N400 filed on 1/6/19, bio done on 1/31/19. Hopefully something good happens.
  2. Same here. .. since my N400 biometrics.. Ive been bombarded with this update. Hopeful that this is a good sign.
  3. Received this notification today. Was hoping for approval but nothing yet. At least some movement 😂. Filed N400 Jan 6, 19. Biometric was completed Jan 31, 19. Hopeful for approval sooner than later.
  4. Thanks for the info. I thought it was just me. Guess its still another couple of months till we hear from them.
  5. Never gotten an appointment for biometric..CSC i751 filer Jan 4, 2018..😥 is it just me???? N400 is filed though on 1/12/19 and they sched me for biometric on 1/31/19
  6. Received my 18 month extension letter today. Notice date 8/11/18. CSC filer.
  7. Very interesting post. I did send mine to CSC initially as well.. guess we are in the same boat 😁. Have not done my print as well.
  8. I received a case transfer letter yesterday. Looks like our case has been transferred to CSC. The letter came from the Potomac Service Center. At least something is happening . First letter ive gotten from USCIS since Jan 4th, 2018.
  9. Filed jan 2, NoA Jan 4th. Have not tried to touchbase with them. I feel by calling and inquiring the status of my case that it would add unnecessary burden to a system that is already overloaded. Anyways we are legal during the whole process until they tell us so. So no need to be waiting.. it will come when least expected 😀
  10. CSC filer here. I believed in the Law of averages, we will get it 12-14 months just like the rest eventually. No biometric yet but not too worried. We will get our 10 yr GC soon. LIVE more and worry less 😀
  11. Nothing here as well. No worry though , I751 is not a priority with USCIS.
  12. Still waiting for biometrics like everyone else. From what I read its about 4-5 weeks wait.
  13. NOA 1 date for mine would be 01/04/2018.. still waiting for biometric.
  14. Heres my timeline so far I-751 Jan 2, 2018: Mailed to USCIS via express priority Jan 4, 2018: USPS delivered to Laguna Niguel PO box Jan 8, 2018: Received Notice of Action