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  1. Quick question, if my wife came on fiancé visa, can she apply for financial aid? Will it hurt her application when we apply bf or the second green card?
  2. Quick question, if my wife came on fiancé visa, can she apply for financial aid
  3. Hi everyone, interview went well!! It took about 10 minutes. Mostly application questions to my wife and couple questions to me for my birthday and daughter birthday and she said I reviewed your paperwork prior your entry to the interview and everything looks good. At the end she said, you’ll receive the card in two to three weeks
  4. Hi, I am from Michigan and we got our interview canceled on July 22 before the interview in 5 days. they recently scheduled it for 09/22.21. best of luck to you.
  5. Not sure if can anymore because the interview is in 22 days. She still waiting for the work permit too so she does not have not w2 or any work document
  6. Thank you very much! I have not done my taxes yet because I was waiting to put my wife with me but I can t since she doesn’t have social security yet. Should I take my payslip instead and 2019 taxes? I have a daughter now and I’m not sure if I should take her with us? Thank you very much for your help and please read my question above and let me know if you know anything!
  7. My wife doesn’t speak English, is it ok to take a translator with us? Did you take your taxes or did they ask anything regarding the taxes? I have not done mine yet and that’s why I’m asking. Did he ask about health insurance? Please let me know because interview is scheduled soon.
  8. USCIS website update to interview to be scheduled. cannot wait especially after they canceled my first one
  9. i received a call from immigration officer saying that my wife's green card interview was cancelled they changed the status online as well
  10. has anyone done an interview for green card lately? my wife came on fiancé visa and now we are scheduled for an interview next week. we got married within 3 months. she is pregnant now and almost reaching out to the delivery date. we could not apply for her social security at that time because they were requiring to apply through mail. I could not add her to my bank account because she does not have her social yet. I was able to to open her a credit card with me. i added it her to my car & home insurance policy. she was able to get her Medicaid for Moms because she is pregnant. I attached almost 100 pictured from our wedding day until now. not sure what else I am missing. if anyone know and can help, please let me know. Thanks to all
  11. Hi, any good advice for the green card interview? my wife do not have social security # because the office was closed. she is pregnant & i applied to get her Medicaid for moms, is that ok? just nervous for the interview and any one has some advice please keep me updated. Thanks
  12. Thanks! it is around my wife's due date for the baby lol the interview is on 07/27/21 and her due date for delivery is 08/02/21
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