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  1. Just an update for those who have the same issue. Arrived at DFW 2 days ago without any issues. Immigration just asked my purpose and how long is training. Stamped my passport until July 2018.
  2. Thanks for sharing your insights SusieQQQ. Appreciate it!
  3. Hi. Need help please. I hope you can answer my question. I was given a B1 Visa Multiple entry for 3 months to attend system migration training and it has an annotation. Issue date: January 2 2018 Expiration date: March 28 2018 Annotation: [company name] Inc. [city], FL FEB 2018 The system migration training was scheduled at an earlier date and my employer booked a flight on January 13, 2018 with return tickets dated March 15, 2018. Will I be granted entry at the POE if I arrive earlier than the annotation date? Should I be worried about this? Thanks for all the help!!
  4. Hi klumz0624. Im in the same situation. Travelling on the 13th Jan 2018. But my annotation states company name, FEB 2018. Were you allowed entry to the US even of training was rescheduled at an earlier date? My visa is multiple entry 3months expiring March 28 2018. Need help please.