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  1. Hi Fatima! This is my second time applying for my husband. I filed again June 2017 with USCIS, it was approved February 2018 NVC CC was June 25th 2018 and we received our interview on June 28th His interview is in August. Call the NVC and check if they have set up an interview for your husband!
  2. Thank you! & best of luck to you <3
  3. Thank you! My CC was June 25th and I received the email June 28th Thank you! My CC was June 25th and received the email June 28th
  4. HI all! My husband will be interviewing August 7th in Beirut!
  5. Eternity1516


    Native language is fine, there is an interpreter present during the interview.
  6. Eternity1516

    Police certicate

    Hello @trisha_bogs, you will need police certificates for any country you resided in for over 6 months after the age of 16 except the USA. It needs to be less than 12 months old. Police certificates are valid for 12 months from the date of issuance. You are not required to renew a police clearance letter from your previous country of residence if you have not travelled to that country after the date of the issuance of such letter
  7. @CloveD Congratulations! Hopefully mine will be in the next few weeks also! Did you pay your fees? Submit your documents?
  8. Eternity1516

    My Visa Journey thread

    I would recommend you keep all records of your chats, call logs, texts, emails, fb messages or (whatever social platform you communicate with her through). Make sure to print all pictures you have. Make copies of any money transfers, hotel reservations, vacations, trip itineraries, purchases/receipts, engagement party reservations, possible engagement ring pictures, credit cards, bank account, screen shot facebook relationship statuses, any proof of your relationship on social media is helpful WHATEVER YOU HAVE THAT LINKS YOU TO HER needs to be saved. Notarized affidavits from friends and family as well as pictures of social gatherings with friends and family are good also. She should take everything with her to the interview and make sure she knows tons of information about you for the interview!! Including but not limited to: your car model/color, your job, your birthday, your siblings & parents & children's names locations etc, past relationships/marriages, your education (high schools, college names, locations), which bank you use and how much you have saved, any health issues, your 401k or retirement plan, your life insurance policy, your birthplace, your address, your income and whatever else you can think of. It may be a little hard to prove, but it has been done before. Use the criticism on this thread constructively and you should be good to go. Good luck!
  9. Well they can give you your invoice number on the phone as well! Pay everything so that you can send out your civil documents and AOS documents ASAP
  10. Hey @CloveD Mine arrived at NVC on 3/12/18 so we're about 2-3 weeks apart. I still haven't received mine, I'm guessing it will near the end of April for me but keep us posted when you receive yours!
  11. Approximately how long did it take for you to get a case number assigned right now? I know they're saying 8 weeks is the current wait time. It's been 3 weeks for me, so 5 more to go!
  12. Yes you definitely can reach out to your State Representative or Senator. If you're situation is severe enough, then you should! You can send another request with further evidence of your need for expedite. Include anything you find necessary and related to your hardship. Good luck dear!