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  1. Hi people. Happy thanksgiving! 🙂. I have a question, I submitted the forms I-485 and l-765 but I didn’t submit form l-131 because I thought I needed to give a justification for why I need to travel internationally (part 7 of the form). Apparently I didn’t need to provide an explanation. But recently, the waiting time of our USCIS office went from 6 months to 9.5 months, potentially conflicting with international travel plans. If I submit the I-131 form now, would I have to give an explanation for why I need to travel internationally? Or, since I applied for the l-485 already, would it be the same (no explanation required)?
  2. Hi, OMG I’m so glad. yes, I got the letter last Friday by email with interview appointment, and the best thing is my interview is on my Birthday :). I’m so glad you got it. I wish you the best of luck on your journey
  3. Hi I have the same problem that you. But you need to figure out if you need the letter to schedule the interview or get the medical exam, as i do. If you don't, check on the NVC web page the requires you will need at your interview. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/PRS-Paris.pdf The other advise i can give you is to try to get in touch we other members of the forum which had had the interview already so you can ask them for a copy of their letter.
  4. Yeap. We did all that! My embassy requires me to translate everything that is not in English so i’m waiting to translate the police records that i’m going to need by the time. Well thanks a lot for your words Greenbaum
  5. There only way available when it’s related to immigrant visas is by email and the only explanation they gave us was they haven’t reach our dates. But without receiving the package 3 I can’t schedule a interview appointment or medical appointment, cuz’ that’s how they operate! Which is nonsense to me. They just make this process even more painful!
  6. We reach 3 weeks of waiting for being contact by the embassy. We have sent emails, my fiancé’s congresswoman had sent an email two weeks ago. This is nonsense. Is there anything we could do to get the package 3? Is there anyone we can contact to help us with our process?
  7. hahahaha ... I need a bottle of those .. This whole process is proving my sanity xD
  8. Hey guys, Does anybody know why the change the Update Day, but it still shows the case’s status as “Ready”? The embassy received my case on July 30 and I still don’t have the package 3! But when I go to the CEAC website I have seen that they have touched my case without changing its status. They touched it on Monday and Today (after I sent an email asking for it) but nothing so far. I’m going crazy.
  9. Thank you! ;). Btw in the filling date should I wrote down the one from the old website or the new website?
  10. Hi people my Fiance and I have som troubles with the Form I-134. Part 3. Question 26 This is only in the case he submitted a visa for someone else in the past .. right? Thanks so much for your help.
  11. I have this so maybe you can share it with other people from Chile in the future. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/SNT-Santiago.pdf The image is the instruccion for the Fiance VISA sent my the embassy
  12. We got our Case # yesterday 😁
  13. I got this from another VJ member. The direct instruction from the embassy, sorry that it is in spanich



  14. I will .. I’m asking around to the others Chilean Filers for some guidance