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  1. She's been to the us twice already on a visit visa. Hopefully that helps !
  2. Has anyone actually been denied at Port of entry while waiting for a CRI or K3 visa ? Wife is planning on coming here for doing usmle step 2 among an observership role. She already has a b1/b2 visa for 6 months multiple entries. We are planning for her to come over for 5 months. But folks are telling us it's too risky, which Im not sure why it would be. Thoughts?
  3. I received my NOA1 on 2017-10-06 and its being processed in the California Service Center (CSC) with a case number starting with WAC###... Here is my question, VJ is saying my NOA2 wont be get approved until April or May with the current backlog. But what confuses me is the CSC processing times are still showing 5 months for NOA2 while VJ data is showing 7-8 months. https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processingTimesDisplay.do;jsessionid=abc-s26JaVIBrcFOOVrdw Does anyone know whats going on with that ? Why inst the backlog shown in the official CSC processing times website ?