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  1. Hi All, Hope everyone is good. We received our IR1 visa in June and will be moving to the US in September. As one does, we are doing extensive research on Health Insurance. My wife, the petitioner and I have been living and working abroad As such she does not have Health Insurance back home (Tennessee), She cant be added to her parents insurance because she is over 25. We will be of course looking for jobs, but that might not be an immediate success. Is there any insurance, that we can both avail in the short run - maybe for 6 months. I have read about ***removed*** - so digging deeper into that. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks eMMo
  2. Hi @twentyone21, My Wife (US Citizen) and I are in the same situation. I am Indian, and we currently live in Myanmar. Indonesia and Uganda before that. We are currently at NVC stage, and all our documents have been accepted. They asked us to provide her current job contract yesterday, which we did. I130 and I130A Process - Make sure you have all proofs ready, like photos together to show the development of the relationship, whatsapp/facebook chats, passport stamps of being in the same country at the same time of travel, flight stubs corresponding to those travels, and lease agreements with names on them together, joint bank accounts etc. you ll find the list of all that is needed in the guides tab up on the page NVC Stage - Tax Transcripts for all year, more importantly last 3 years would be needed – whenever you get here - line up a Joint Sponsor if the job from the same source will not continue For the Beneficiary – Get Police Clearance certificates of all countries you have lived in since the age of 16 for more than 6 months (this will be needed when your case gets accepted to NVC as the validity for PCC is in some cases 6 months) Domicile - We sent job applications and interview emails, letter from my in-laws saying we will stay with them, valid driver’s license, valid voting registration, range of credit card letters showing US address, bank account maintenance – They have all been accepted - We also wrote a letter of intent to re-establish domicile (if you search on Visa Journey you ll find it) Cheers
  3. Hi All, Hope things are good. We got an email from NVC, they asked to upload an additional document for the petitioner (current job proof) We live abroad. We immediately uploaded her job contract and 3 current salary slips. They have accepted all documents for the petitioner and applicant. For the Joint Sponsor and HH member they have not accepted the i864, i864a and both their proof of citizenship - it only says submitted. But all other documents like transcripts, proof of domicile, proof of employment etc. are accepted. Questions - 1. Is this how it generally is if they request for additional documents? 2. Will it take another 3 weeks from here to review the additional document? Thanks all eMMo
  4. HI All, We uploaded the documents onto CEAC on 26th March. All the documents status shows as submitted - do you generally get an email from CEAC/NVC confirming the documents have been submitted? Cheers eMMo
  5. Hi Pushbrk, there is no question from them. I filled DS 260 and when it comes to uploading the civil documents it asks me to upload for Indonesia and Zambia I dont have them because I lived for less than 6 months. The US embassy in Burma also says anywhere you stayed for more than 12 months. So in order for them to process my DS 260 - what do I do since I don't have the PCC from Indonesia and Zambia.
  6. sorry, my questions are as follows - For CEAC, its asked me to upload Police Clearance Certificates from Indonesia and Zambia 1. For Indonesia - on the NVC website it says - Unavailable for applicants inside and outside Indonesia. - Can i write that in the comments after selecting NA or should i write a statement and upload it with the same msg? 2. For Zambia -Since I lived there for less than 6 months can I write a statement saying the same and upload it, where it asks for Zambia Police Certificate? Thanks
  7. I checked on VJ here where someone mentioned that they were asked for a PCC from Austria inspite of living there for less than 6 months. They sent a letter saying pasting the screenshot here.
  8. Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well. Finished the DS-260 yesterday and was about to upload the civil documents, when I saw they have asked for Police Clearance Certificates from 2 countries I have lived for less than 6 months. A couple of questions if someone can help answer - 1. I thought it was 12 months? 2. Country 1 is Indonesia - on the NVC website it says Unavailable for applicants inside and outside Indonesia. When uploading onto CEAC do I - 2.a - select the Not Available Option and mention the NVC statement in the comments 2. b - Do i write and sign a statement stating I lived there for less than 6 months and also its not available? 3. Country 2 is Zambia - I lived there for 5 months - Do i write, sign and upload a statement stating I lived there for less than 6 months Thanks everyone, appreciate any responses. Cheers eMMO
  9. Thanks @Junior11 - worked perfectly!!
  10. Hey, did you resolve this? We submitted Birth Certificate, can we do the same for Proof Of Domicile as well?
  11. Hi All, Hows it going? I am currently uploading the Joint Sponsor and Household Member Documents on CEAC. Have uploaded their birth certificates for proof of citizenship and their address in the I864 and i864A is their US address. It's asking for Proof of Domicile for them as well. Do I need to upload their driving license or some other document as proof of Domicile or select Not Available? Thanks eMMo
  12. Hey, I tried doing that, but it doesnt allow us to save. It gives an error saying I havent put in all the information since I was 16, so I cant save it.
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