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  1. Hi All, I know the instructions state N/A but has anyone in the recent past typed NA in the spaces not relevant and got a case complete? We live abroad, and are about to submit the i864. We got the signature's from our joint sponsor and HH member, in December, on 3 different copies of the i864 and i864a, but we had typed down NA instead of N/A, leaving the date date below the signature empty to fill when we got our case number. Any update from anyone who have done it recently and been accepted? Thanks eMMO
  2. Hi All, Hope things are going well. We are in the process of starting the NVC process having received the case number last week. For the I864a - the HH member's Passport expires March 2019 (they cant find their BC). They are of course going to renew it as soon as possible, but IF we had to upload their current passport copy - would that be ok or a strict no no? Thanks and all the best to everyone eMMo
  3. I received my Case number on 25th Feb 2019, and just logged in 5 mins back for the first time, without any issues.
  4. Hi All, just an FYI - I received my Case number on 26th February 2019. Five minutes back, I signed in for the first time - and I could Sign in without any issues. Hopefully the issue might have been sorted for you all. Cheers eMMo
  5. @Bart105100 Thanks and hope things are ok on your end now. I have all the tax transcripts and going to take it for sure - Thanks for your advise. Cheers
  6. Hi USS_Voyager and pushbrk, Thanks for the replies. I will provide do the W2 and 1040 and give the tax transcripts as well. Is it common for embassies to ask for Bank Balance as well? Below is the exact grab from the website
  7. Hello All. Anyone here applied for Ir1/CR1 from Myanmar (Burma). If not - would someone else have an answer for the below - The embassy website for Myanmar asks for W2s/1040 with the i864, for the petitioner and I am assuming any joint sponsor. It does NOT mention - that IRS tax transcripts are preferred or acceptable too. So should we just provide only what is requested or add the transcripts nevertheless? In addition they also ask for - Bank Balance - would that be for both petitioner and joint sponsor? Thanks all, have a good Sunday. eMMo
  8. Thanks @pushbrk - clear . Appreciate it, have a good one.
  9. Hi All, We recently received our NOA2 and are waiting on the NVC process. Whilst waiting we are finalising the i864 - and while we have filled out the forms, got documents etc. - I have read something while checking process, requirements - and hence my question - My Wife - i864 - current income 0 (we live abroad and wont continue from same source + she has filed taxes for all years) - Joint Sponsor - i864 - current income 68,000 (every year for last 3 years) will provide 6 months pay stubs and/or employment letter - HH Member - i864a - current income 89,000 (has been gradually increasing every year for last 3 years) they are a household of 4, and 5 including me They have also provided us with the tax transcripts for the last 3 years (15,16,17) - they file it jointly - i know we might need for 18 as well if our interview is after March - most likely My question is - a. we can use their combined income right, even if both individually are above the 125% poverty guidelines ? b. if we do, do they have to provide w-2s for both of their individual incomes ? They are providing the joint tax transcripts c. for current income mentioned in the form - do the incomes has to be exact to every decimal - so for e.g if the Joint sponsors income is 68,112 - is it ok to round it off to 68,000? Thanks and have a good evening. Emmo
  10. Hi Everyone, Happy New Year. We are approaching the case enquiry date for our I-I30. Currently it is on March 30th (Nebraska) We received our email on 10th April, the PD date on the I797C is 5th April. The question is more out of curiosity – If you are getting close to the case enquiry date – does that mean – 1. It’s still normal to get close to the enquiry date 2. Our case requires some extra verification Cheers emmo
  11. Hey All, Happy Friday! A quick query with an eye on the next couple of months of our process. Background - We are currently awaiting our NOA2 (pending any RFE) from Nebraska - I am an Indian citizen, currently working and staying in Myanmar (Burma) along with my Spouse - the US petitioner Question - My family just sold our house in Mumbai. This address is on my Passport and also on my I130A. We are buying another house, the address of which might only be confirmed by End November - Mid December - I might have to change my Passport to reflect the new address - When we do the next steps - I864 and DS-260, will have the new address and new passport number (We ll put a covering note to explain that) - Will that suffice? Alternately, If I use my current passport with the old address for my the next steps - like interview and eventual submission, and apply for a new passport after, would that be an issue? - If, I get a police certificate, from India and Uganda, on my current passport - would that be OK or should I wait to get the new Passport and then apply for the Police Certificates? . (I am traveling to India next week and wanted to apply for the Police certificate) Thanks and have a great weekend everyone. EmMo
  12. Hi Pushbrk, The above is clear, thanks. Lets assume the amount being 100 as their total tax returns for the each of the last 3 years - My FIL makes 60 and MIL makes 40 What I meant to ask was in the section of last 3 years total income for both I864 and I864a would they fill in their individual amounts - so I864 would be 60,60,60 and I864a would be 40,40,40 or their jointly filed tax return amounts for the last 3 years 100,100,100 in both I864 and I864a Thanks again. Cheers emmo
  13. Thank you both, for the responses. @Pushbrk – yeah, The Petitioner (my wife) will submit her own I864 as well Just a follow up query on your point below Is there a difference when they state ‘My current Household income’ (which is Joint Sponsor + Household member ) VS My total income (for the tax section asking for the last 3 years) – would this be only joint sponsor’s individual income for I864 and only household members individual income for I864a? Or am I reading your reply wrong? Thanks again! Cheers emmo