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  1. 2018JNJ

    Paying Visa Fee

    I think they mean like a screenshot or other electronic type copy. You will need the actual paper slip for the interview. jj
  2. 2018JNJ

    Any Manila Promos for flights in April?

    The food was better on Korean Air and the fellow passengers seemed to be a bit better. I flew to Cebu instead of Manila..so maybe that was it. 😉 jj
  3. 2018JNJ

    Any Manila Promos for flights in April?

    ASAP tickets were not any cheaper than booking directly with Korean Air for me. Saving a $100 or so to put up with BS airlines/layovers is not worth it to me. Korean Air/Delta was much more pleasant than PAL/AA. YMMV. pj
  4. 2018JNJ


    I tried 8223 but didn't get anywhere. Perhaps I'll try the 8999 number tonight. I have used the US number before but didn't really get anywhere except was told to email. jj
  5. 2018JNJ


    If I can ask what phone number you called to get a human at the embassy? The numbers I have just goes to a menu tree with no way to talk to anyone. Thanks. jj
  6. What exactly are you resisting? jj
  7. 2018JNJ

    Hotels near US Embassy, Philippines

    Yeah..they offered spaghetti with beef for breakfast..I have a feeling it was left over from dinner the night before. :-) jj
  8. 2018JNJ

    Hotels near US Embassy, Philippines

    Lotus Garden is not recommended. YMMV but it's not up to our standards. jj
  9. 2018JNJ

    Denial at uscis

    Perhaps check the status of application on USCIS website. jj
  10. What questions would a non-white america ask? jj
  11. 2018JNJ

    Sending MAIL to the Philipines

    DHL packet delivered yesterday..on schedule :-) Was only $97. 😂 I couldn't find LBC near me. Fiance' sent me her paperwork via LBC..was about 2,500 php..she was 😒😒 :-) jj
  12. 2018JNJ

    Sending MAIL to the Philipines

    Yep. But you can't get US FedEx to ship to all parts of the Philippines. FedEx is a retail partner..useful to get packages out of the Philippines to other parts of the world..the other way around..not so much. It's kind of like how UPS offloads packages to USPS. One would think if 2Go could deliver a package to FedEx in the Philippines, the reverse would be true. But, as in the case of 6547, won't happen. However, 2Go does go to 6547. Reminds me so much of my home state. :-) jj
  13. 2018JNJ

    Sending MAIL to the Philipines

    Nope. :-) Try FedEx to 6547.. jj
  14. 2018JNJ

    Sending MAIL to the Philipines

    Yep..Just tell the UPS store you want to ship via DHL. I saved ~$30 what was quoted on DHL website from local Pak Mail store and about $50 from what UPS would have charged to get it there. FedEx wouldn't deliver to the particular province. jj