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  1. I am pretty sure these ads are based on browsing history.. 😉 jj
  2. Isn't that the same thing?? 😄 There's the long and narrow price..then the flat and wide price..what you pay sometimes depends on that alone. jj
  3. It will for sure be known to a CO. They may or may not ask about it and it may or may not have any bearing on whether petition is approved. Be prepared to disclose any and all history to your spouse before the interview. jj
  4. Wife hasn't attended the CFO circus yet. I suspect she'll have to get newer NBI clearances in her new name, maiden name, along with CEN(O)MAR's, etc..fun times ahead for sure. jj
  5. My wife got her passport changed to my last name shortly after the ink was dry on the PSA certificate. 😄 jj
  6. To update this story/thread.. To marry in the Philippines required 2 trips. First trip..US Consulate visit, CENOMAR for both, engagement, 4 hr church marriage counseling, 8 hr govt. pre-marriage seminar, application for marriage license. That took a full work week. 3 weeks later.. Second trip..Wedding, honeymoon...That took a full work week. 😛 Took 2 weeks to get PSA copy of Marriage Certificate. Added wife to Medical Insurance. Submitted I130/a on July 23, 2019. USCIS received on July 25, 2019. Got an IOE receipt at Potomac SC in VA. jj
  7. Thanks Everyone!! Does she need have her new passport before I file I130? I see a place for her passport number and expiration date. I know the expiration date will change with new passport. Is it ok to use her old passport information here? Or should I just wait until she has new passport to file I130? Thanks again. jj
  8. Moar questions..wedding next week. After we get married and I get a PSA copy of Marriage Certificate, when filling out the I130, I use my wife's new last name..ie my last name..correct? That led to a discussion about what to do about her passport. She wants to get a new one. However, I don't really see a need to get a new one in her new last name. To travel, she just uses the name that is in the passport. What I am unsure of is when our case gets to NVC and Embassy, would it be easier to have a passport in her new last name, or will the old passport suffice. She still has many years before her present passport expires. What about using her passport as an ID for when she first gets here..any issues with last name in passport being different than her wedded name? As always..thanks! jj
  9. I sometimes give water, food, or clothing..but never money. jj
  10. Korean Air from Cebu to Incheon SK to Atlanta is a good flight with a good plane with good stewardesses. I flew that route many times. Only hick-em-up will be immigration in Atlanta..it is slow..so expect an hour or so for her to clear...and Atlanta traffic. She's not going to want to travel anymore once she lands..so I would see about getting a hotel outside the city so she can get some rest. I don't think she will be up to the drive to Jacksonville after traveling 20+ hours. jj
  11. Umm..nope..nope..nope on all three points. 1. Most interviews at Manila are at most 10 minutes with less than 5 questions asked. The decision is made beforehand in most cases. 2. Most everyone here has been thru the PH process..some many times..most are recent..so probably more informed than a guide written many years ago. 3. Trump is trying to reduce illegal and chain immigration..in case you haven't heard. Must be tough... jj
  12. For K1, you are over thinking this. You don't need originals. They won't approve nor deny based on the quantity nor quality of documents really. All they need is proof you visited within the past 2 years. That's pretty much it. Everything else is done behind the scenes. As long as you not have any criminal issues that you haven't disclosed or any other disqualifiers, then you are good to go as far as USCIS is concerned. The embassy will look at your finacee and you and make a determination. If medical clears, then you are 90% there. Obviously, the CO has the final say, but in most cases the decision was made many weeks prior. So take heed to the people here trying to help you. You are stressing way too much and paying way too much for things you don't need. Just answer the questions asked in the petition and no more. Only submit what is requested and no more. Be honest with your information. K1 is very easy for PH. Don't overthink this. jj
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