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  1. Guys, The good news is that my fiancé got through the interview with relative ease yesterday. I didn't bother going back to Kingston to accompany her as I was there 3 weeks ago. Will update my timeline and put the questions from the interview.
  2. I'm getting conflicting information as the help line is telling me that I need the package 3 when I'm seeing that a few posters have continued the process without it.
  3. They finally sent the file to the embassy a month ago. I have completed the DS-160 and trying to pay for the visa online but I am been told that I must await package 3 before I can proceed to set up the medical. I was of the impression that one could proceed without the package 3 from the embassy ,,,,,..? This process truly is adding to my stress levels but so worth it
  4. Guys i have had a rough few weeks because both agencies, NVC and USCIS, have been giving me conflicting answers to my queries. When our file was returned on April 9th I have been in contact with USCIS and they told me that it was the NVC that returned the files only to have the state department contradict that narrative saying that it was the former that requested that they return the file on March 30th! I have had the my calls escalated to Tier 2 with the USCIS and ask that a case be opened and the response be sent to me in writing and also to my email. The last time I spoke with them was Wednesday of this week. I got an email yesterday evening saying that the case was resent to the NVC for processing , on 4/27/2018, and I should wait 30 days before contacting them - our expiration date is May 5th. i almost lost hope and to date there is no offer of an explanation of the chain of events. We didn't stop collecting data for our "interview files folder" as I was hopeful that we would prevail.- still not out of the woods yet but.......
  5. The case wasn't rejected but I got a letter from the NVC saying that the case was sent back to the USCIS and that I need to contact them for further information. I already have my visa number and invoice number. There was no rejection as USCIS is telling me that after a week of the NVC sending it back they have no record of the item and why it was sent back. Their suggestion is that I wait for 180 days before I contact them and on numerous occasion that I need not worry about the expiration date in May as the case will remain current. I plan to call them and make an effort to escalate it to Tier 2 on Monday. None of it makes sense.
  6. I didn't open an enquiry with them - either the USCIS or the NVC. When I spoke with the rep at the NVC, prior to the recall I was told that our files would not be held as all the processing would have been done in Jamaica. She stated that the hold time would be days before it was forwarded so I was ultimately surprised when I got a letter saying it was rejected to the USCIS. At this point I need an answer as for the reason for them to send it back to the USCIS. Time will tell and if I can extend the deadline to prevent it from expiring I will I didn't open an enquire. How would I do that?
  7. Well our files was returned to the USCIS from the NVC after been there for a week. I have made numerous calls to the USCIS and all I can hear is that they don't have the file and I have to wait for 180 days before we can get a response from them!!! This action doesn't make much sense as our expiration day will get here way before that 180 days. Don't even know what to do but just wait but asking us to do a 6 month stretch is inhumane at best
  8. Oh ok. So wouldnt the letter say case forwarded to the Embassy? It says sent to the USCIS
  9. Good afternoon guys i got a notice from the NVC today, awaiting the files for K1 visa to sent to the embassy,that the files are been returned to the USCIS. Is this usual? please tell me that it's on the way to the embassy and not rejected
  10. I'm bummed out!!! The NVC just wrote back to say that they returned our files to the USCIS. Is this usual or is it sent to the embassy?
  11. After I got confirmation that my package finally got to the NVC and informed that it would take up to 4 weeks to be processed. I called them 3 days after they received it and was able to get the visa and invoice numbers. Going to the complete the ceac for the Kingston embassy information the journey continues
  12. Yes they just got our file
  13. Follow up: I called both USCIS and the NVC back to back and asked to speak with tier 1 reps as they seem to be privy to more information than the regular reps. I was told initially, by NVC, that even though my NAO@ says that I have been approved from January 19th my file has not reached them as yet and they still have no record of me even filing. When I called the USCIS they told me I wasn't approved!!! Got it escalated to Tier 1 who told me that me that they are conducting further administrative checks and it won't be done until another few days or weeks. Called the NVC today and they are in receipt of our file but I wont be given a visa number until "another 6-8 weeks" At least it some type of progress. What do I do next ?
  14. I will definitely reach out to them tomorrow NVC first then CSC it has gotten to the point that I know the details of my NAO2 thank you my second wind will soon begin in earnest