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  1. Okay. What document did they ask for that you didn't have? What questions did they ask? Not yet but I expect it to be soon.
  2. You had/have an interview this month, right? How did it go?
  3. How are things going? Did you get approved yet?
  4. Okay. I understand what you’re saying now.
  5. I was under the impression that when a file left NVC for the embassy that it was next in line for an interview. I’ll take a look at their timeline.
  6. What do you mean to remind at the consulate?
  7. Okay. Specific people have given death threats that they want to kill. The human rights was involved in dealing with these people. A statement could be gotten here as proof?
  8. Some other people here have more experience than I do, but I think that should be okay. NVC has told people before to get another sponsor and bring it to the interview so I think you should be okay with this.
  9. If someone’s life is in danger, does this provide grounds to expedite the NVC process?
  10. I talked to them recently and was told the same thing. The person I talked to seemed a little appalled that I asked if they were only scheduling fiancé interviews and said no there was nothing in the computer showing that only one category was being interviewed.
  11. So they have been doing both spousal and fiancé visa interviews recently?
  12. My cc was in January. We all have been waiting but if you are K1 maybe you will be processed faster.
  13. Did you send the embassy an email or NVC?
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