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  1. Mumbai consulate ,CC Aug 28. Does any one know what are my chances to get a date in Oct. getting impatient 😞
  2. I really hope so. NVC rep told me today that it might take up to 4-5 business days to scan and another 3-4 weeks to review them. I am so bummed.
  3. NVC received my documents on Friday 8/18/18. Does anyone know how long does it take for documents to be scanned?
  4. you will need your checking account with routing number. best way to do that, send her a pic of a voided check.
  5. your lawyer should be doing this for you. this can be done over the phone and you dont have to meet your lawyer personally. Fees are paid electronically and you can scan all supportive documents and email to your attorney.
  6. no, our attorney is going to complete this process. I was just curious to find out if the screen was unlocked for us to start the process. Thats when i noticed that it did not give us an option to fill out ds261.
  7. We have an attorney, may be that is a reason DS261 is not required. I am not sure if India is pivot though.
  8. Does anyone know if India turned into pivot? I am unable to view DS261, its only showing me a option to pay AOS fee.
  9. Thank you for your reply! How long does it take for the welcome letter?
  10. Hello all, I received my case and invoice ID number over the phone yesterday exactly after 8 weeks. I tried filling out DS261, but it seems like that option is locked. Do we have to wait for the welcome letter in order for it to become active?
  11. approval email received today Potomac service center NOA 1 NOV 27 2017 NOA 2 MAY 26 2017