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    Me and Rose started s relationship on Facebook May 2,2018 April 2019 we will meet for first time i will be staying for a month in Manila with Rose and her daughter Laarni . Rose is very mature and i am very impressed how well she can carry on conversation at my level. Looking forward to meeting Rose and her daughter

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  1. Good Evening I will be sponsoring both my fiancé and her two year old daughter. Do you think the daughter should go to interview? Shes kinda to active i think to go with mom to interview i think but is it required? Also do you think we will have a issue because of our age gap? She will be 24 this coming May 2019 and i will be 63 this coming April 2019 we have know each other for long time like 6 years we will be meeting for first time this coming April for one who month the three of us the baby is not mine of couse Thank You
  2. Hello Other than K1 i am bringing her 2 year old daughter with us what other form do i need to fill out Thanks
  3. Vinny D

    Do you need to own a home to do a K1 Visa?

    Ok thanks..I thought that made no sense
  4. Good Day I am visiting my fiance in Manila for a month this coming April we want to do a K1 Visa We have been chatting back and forth for 6 years now.My question is do you need to own a home to do a K1 Visa? I live in a apartment. Someone told my fiance that i need to own a home or i cant do a fiance visa.. Is that true? Thank You