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  1. My status on ceac website is showing issued since Feb 6, 2018. I'm waiting for courier service to contact me but I have not receive any email or sms also I send inquiry to embassy they said we sent you visa on Feb 7, 2018. Can some one tell me please in how many days courier service will contact me. Please help.
  2. No we don't need to register any courier service. They have offices in Islamabad Peshawar Karachi multan sialkot quetta so will receive your passport from your nearby city.
  3. Was it a arrange marriage or love marriage Who arrange marriage How many people attend your ceremony What your husband do for living What company he work for What you do for living Have you ever been in US Have you ever applied to US visa These are only questions they didn't for any thing just said I m approving you but status is AP I don't know why just pray for me
  4. Hi! Is some had their interview on Feb 1??? I had and I was approved CO said I will get my passport in 7-10 days but status is still AP I don't know why everything was good and notmal. Can any one tell me when status chege in to issued after approval???
  5. Taiba akhtar

    Need help!

    Thanks. But as I m female and they ask for any thing just told me you are approved and you will get visa in 7-10 days but status is still AP. Is this is normal? And normally when it change to issued after approval?
  6. I have my interview at Islamabad embassy yesterday, CO said you are approved and you will get your passport in 7-10 days. I check my status it was ready and than AP still on AP mostly I saw people said next days it show issued but not in my case can any one guide me about this is this is normal? or is anyone on this forum had interview yesterday.