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  1. My bank account was drafted! Looks like they found my paperwork. Woohoo! Thanks again guys. I'll check the April filers thread.
  2. Thanks for the replies, everyone. I'll keep hanging in there, then.
  3. Hello everyone, It's that time again to deal with USCIS to move my wife into the next stage of her immigration process. We filed our I-751 and USPS indicated they received our documents on 04/22. However, we have not yet received an NOA1 indicating that our documents were received or that a case was opened with USCIS. Normally, this is supposed to take 10 business days to acknowledge receipt of the documents, so I am getting quite nervous with her green card expiring at the end of June. I tried emailing the lockbox support, but, apparently, they won't respond for an I-751 notice. I also tried calling the call center, which directs me either to an automated system that either hangs up on me or tells me to email lockbox. Is anyone else having a similar experience with a delay with receiving their NOA1? Does anyone have any advice for what to do if my wife's green card expires before we get one? Any tips for getting through to a live agent with the call center? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks and best of luck to everyone who is also filing.
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