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  1. I would first correct any mistake in the birth certificate of the child.
  2. Much easier to obtain it, in the states once you have the CRBA and passport. Can take months otherwise. I did it in the US and it took about 2 weeks or less,
  3. You have to take a look at the req for obtaining Canadian citizenship.
  4. A little bit confusing. Yes you can do the paperwork in the US and send all doc to your fiancée. DNA test will most likely be required. I don’t think the DNA testing can be done in advance, but you can always try and ask the embassy. Ie. They have specific testing places.
  5. A little bit confusing. 1. Do you have a green card? 2. Who is the U.S citizen? 3. You can’t get the CRBA if you are in the US. There is no point! The child is already a US citizen.
  6. Drivers license doesn’t prove citizenship. Birth Certificate does. And yes for identity drivers license.
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