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  1. Scott Rusticus

    I-134 Form

    OH! And the form on the USCIS website says it expired 11/30/18. Can I still use it?
  2. Scott Rusticus

    I-134 Form

    So you are saying DON'T hand write the whole thing?
  3. Scott Rusticus

    I-134 Form

  4. Scott Rusticus

    I-134 Form

    Does anyone know where I can find or can send me a friendly version of the I-134 form (Affidavit of Support) for me to type the answers in. I tried the one on the USCIS website but, for some reason, it will not let me type my employment information in. Otherwise, is it acceptable if I hand write it?
  5. Scott Rusticus

    Interview date provided by NVC

    Thank you!! We are so excited! Yes, January 16 was the earliest date available. Usually it is about a two month wait, so we were fortunate to get one in 45 days. Best of luck to you.
  6. Scott Rusticus

    Interview date provided by NVC

    Sorry. I do not understand. It says the DS-160 is the first step in applying for the visa. How do I pay?
  7. Scott Rusticus

    Interview date provided by NVC

    Where is the DS-160 located?
  8. Scott Rusticus

    Interview date provided by NVC

    So we have to schedule the interview online? What form (s) do we need to fill out? Where and when can we schedule the interview? Where meaning what website?
  9. Our application has cleared the NVC and is on its way to Caracas. However, on the CEAC website, when I check the status of our application, it says it is “It is in transit to the embassy in Caracas and the interview date was provided to you by the NVC.” What? They already scheduled the interview? When will we find out when her interview is? Please let me know if anyone has any insight. Thanks.
  10. Scott Rusticus

    Minimum Salary requirements.

    LOL. No. It will just be my, my fiancée, and her 13 year old son.
  11. I make about $62,000 a year and, of course, have some debt. What is the criteria they use to determine if someone makes enough money?
  12. Scott Rusticus

    Closing Embassy

    How possible would it be that the embassies in Venezuela would close because of the tension between the IS and Venezuela! I read something about world leaders not recognizing Maduro as president of Venezuela effective January 10.
  13. Scott Rusticus

    Administrative Processing

    I may have clicked on the wrong thing. When I put int eh case number it just says AT NVC. Should I anticipate it being sent out next week?
  14. Scott Rusticus

    Administrative Processing

    I understand that, but when I put that in it said I had to put in an invoice number that NVC sent me. I do not possess that and I do not know what this means. Do you? Is this a delay? I have not received any mail from the NVC.
  15. Scott Rusticus

    Administrative Processing

    When I go to the CEAC website to check it tells me I have to enter the invoice ID number the NVC sent me. I do not know what they are talking about. What does that mean?