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  1. Scott Rusticus

    Venezuela Question

    Good morning everyone! I am in the airport in Miami returning to Michigan from an amazing week in Curacao with my Venezuelan fiancee Yessi. This is our third meeting in a year (two other times in the Dominican) and it was for our one year anniversary! 😍 However, I would like to get some response to this question. Does the worsening situation in Venezuela have an affect on Yessi's ability to have her visa process continue forward without interruption? I received the NOA1 on April 25 and, according to the timeline, we should be getting processed around the end of October-beginning of November. I am just looking for some wisdom and opinions based on experience so we can know what to somewhat expect or not expect. Our hope and prayer is that she and her son could be in Michigan with me by February or so. I understand there are no guarantees but, as the situation grows more dire in Venezuela, I get a little more anxious about the timeline. I wish I knew how to post pictures on here so you all could see our trips. Any opinions or insights are welcome. Thanks and have a great day. Scott
  2. Scott Rusticus

    I-139 Questions

    Ok. Thank you so much! How is the process in Venezuela? Have you encountered any situations unique to you because of the situation in Venezuela? We will be seeing each other in 5 weeks and then probably not again (maybe December) before her interview. Should I complete it now and bring it with me in September? I would love to stay in touch with you throughout the process. My fiancee is in Caracas. How much was your medical exam? she also has a 12 year old son. How long did it take to get the police clearance? Was it difficult? Sorry for all of the questions.
  3. Scott Rusticus

    I-139 Questions

    When should I complete the I-134 and submit it? Should I wait until after I have received the NOA2?
  4. Scott Rusticus

    I-129F Birth Certificate

    GREAT!!! Thank you!!
  5. Scott Rusticus

    I-139 Questions

    Thank you. I will be fine. 🙂
  6. Is the petitioners birth certificate REQUIRED to be submitted with the I-129F? My instructions said "proof of citizenship could include any of the following: Birth certificate, valid passport with at least 5 years remaining, naturalization documents........
  7. We are currently on month four of waiting for the NOA2 for my fiancee in Venezuela. I understand it will be longer. My question is about the DI-134. When should I fill that out and send it in? What is the minimum income that I must make. It will be me, my fiancee, and her 12 year old son. I will be somewhere around $60k for 2018.
  8. Scott Rusticus

    Trump Travel Ban

    If I received notification of receipt for the initial application on April 25, approximately when should I expect a response telling me that the applicaiton is good and does not need anything additional and that we can proceed to the next step?
  9. I have a K1 Visa currently in process for my Venezuelan fiancée. Does anyone know if the Supreme Court upholding the Trump travel ban will affect my fiancée? Thanks.
  10. Scott Rusticus

    Submitted application

    You gave those dates and said the visa was approved on 01.04.15, so I am wondering when that person whose visa was approved got to the U.S.?
  11. Scott Rusticus

    Submitted application

    Forgive me for asking this, but what is AoS and RoC? If the Visa was approved 01.04.14, when did they get to the U.S.? Thank you very much!
  12. I submitted my application for my Venezuelan fiancee on April 25. We were together for a week in late February in the Dominican Republic and will be together for 18 days in Punts Cana beginning next week. There are no red flags and nothing "weird" about our case. Is there any way for me to have an approximation, either from USCIS or anyone on here, about how long we can expect it to take before she and her 12 year old son have their visa? I really enjoy the site and there is so much great information on here and many of my anxieties have been allayed, so thank you. (: