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  1. A statement? Where did you get it? The person we are using is the wife of a guy I used to work with who is fluent in both Spanish and English. Was the interview in Detroit?
  2. Thank you. I think you are right. Is it true, do you think, that they MUST be a certified translator??
  3. We have our green card interview for my wife and son in Detroit on December 2nd. She has already received her EAD card and SS card. However, she does not speak to English (I speak Spanish), and I have heard we should have a certified translator with us. Does anyone else think that is necessary or have any experience to offer? We would think if they already issued the EAD AND SS it would not be a long and complicated interview. I also heard my 14 year old stepson and I can not be her translator. Help?????
  4. Still down tonight. I can not view it on my Mac laptop Firefox.
  5. I am sorry, I meant to say that I believe we will know the date and f our interview for n 3-5 weeks. I would agree though. My wife’s long form birth certificate is very difficult to read as well. I wondered the same thing. Do you now have your green card? Did you get an RFE as well?
  6. Well, I only sent them about two weeks ago but they did receive and sign for them, so now we are waiting. I am think we will have our interview date in the next three weeks. Why do you ask?
  7. And apparently that is an acceptable practice, if that is indeed what is happening. I guess I should plan for another 30-60 days after they receive it Monday.
  8. Well, I received it yesterday, sent the documents in today, and they will have it be Monday at 1030am, so they have not really “bought” much time. Hopefully it won’t be long after they get this documentation.
  9. What exactly are they buying time for?? I have heard that said by others and I guess I am not understanding.
  10. Today we got an RFE for both my wife and stepsons birth certificates and translations, which we sent with their I485’s in April. Why are they asking for the same documentation I already sent to them. Any one else ever have this happen? Everything g I sent was what they asked for. Should I call and ask why?
  11. We are in the same situation. We sent the AOS packet April 1 and USPS tracking said it was received April 3 and we still have not received any word on it. We are on the 23rd day since it was received. My wife and son's visa expires May 2, 2019 so I am concerned that it could be a factor. Does anyone have any advice for me? Should I be concerned?? Is there any way I can check the status before receiving the NOA??
  12. Good evening all- Getting ready to file the AOS and want to make sure I am understanding everything correctly. WOW! Lots of paperwork to fill out but just so happy to be doing it as we were married on February 22! The way I am seeing it, I need to file the I-485, I-864, I-765, and I-131. Is that everything? My wife has a 13 year old son. Do I need to file separate 485, 864, and 131 for him? Also, as I understand it, I am only paying the filing fee for the 485 ($1225 for her and $750 for him) and the other fees are waived. Is this all correct? Sorry for all of the questions but I figure that is what the forums are for, right. Any other tips or suggestions? Thanks so much! 🙂
  13. My fiancée (we are getting married in a week) arrived 2 February on her K1 Visa and really wants to get her Social Security number and permission to work. I know that the I465 is the form we must fill out and submit but I am wondering if anyone can offer any insight. Is she exempt from any of the fees? Biometric? How long is the timeline to get approved to work and get a social security number/card? Of course I realize that there is no set time, but what kind of time frame are we generally looking at?
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