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  1. I submitted it in july and it got approved in March, total of 5.5 months I was able to reschedule it today for july 17
  2. I haven’t gotten a letter but I did redo my Ds-260 and the following day got an email that my original appointment (feb 2018) was cancelled, so I went on the scheduling site and was able to book the appointment for October 29. It was already pre-selected. This just happened in the last couple of days. Haven’t received anything in the mail yet.
  3. Did you receive an interview date? Or just a letter? Thanks!
  4. Thank you, this is definitely and extremely stressful time, do you remember how to get in contact with the consulate? I have been trying to google it, but have not had much success finding an answer. It would be to the Juarez consulate. Thank you for your response! Did you get a DHL package explaining what the next steps were?
  5. My 601 was received July 9, 2018. Just received letter of approval April 23, 2019. I am now waiting for a packet to tell me what comes next, anyone know?
  6. I received a letter saying my I-601 was approved on April 24, 2019. I am supposed to wait for a packet via DHL to give me further instructions. Does anyone have any experience on how long before I receive that packet? And will it be mailed to our US address or our Mexican address. I am living in a border town, husband works on US side. Thanks for any help!!!!!
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