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  1. Wow 😬 well I’m going to just hope this goes fast, he has new medical on Tuesday if next week then will send it out
  2. He was able to do his medical in Brasilia which was a place listed on the embassy website. on the 221 G he got they said Possible medical. We were waiting on them to tell us if it was a go or not for the new medical. If I wouldn’t have emailed them we would still be waiting this is crazy
  3. So update I emailed embassy and they replied: Dear Sir/Madam The case is pending the new medical exam. Regards, Immigrant Visa Unit Consular Communications and Outreach United States Consulate General Rio de Janeiro - Brazil MCP so I’m assuming they want a brand new medical? .... I had to email them to get this information from them .. why couldn’t they just alert us when they wanted this information... 🤦🏾‍♀️
  4. Hi all im still awaiting a response about my husbands AP status. I emailed the embassy today since they don’t take phone calls.hopefully I hear something positive later today. Thanks
  5. Just an update.... still in admin processing awaiting an answer in our visa. We had interview in rio Dec 7 and they updated the case on dec 13 and again Jan 4... and nada i am happy for everything though with quick answers!❤️🙏🏾
  6. Anyone go through this? How long did it take? We have been going through this since dec 7 last update on case Jan 4
  7. Our interview was dec 7!🤦🏾‍♀️ We are still in administrative processing we were not approved .. in fact we are thinking we might get a waiver too for a problem in Ireland but not sure ... the lady told him she is gonna investigate the situation .. so yeah so constantly waiting they also contacted me last week for proof of relationship
  8. Wow that’s crazy! This is all so stressful and along with everything else I’m at a lost. They updated my case 3 days last week with the final time an email coming direct from the officer looking at the case. I have no idea what’s taking so long. My husband and I are dying for a response soon.
  9. Wow how stressful!!! When did they last look at or update your case?
  10. Just that they wanted more documents .. they requested extra pictures of us, passport stamps showing when.l I traveled there, all our messages from 2018 its so weird because they looked at my case the 2,3 and 4th of January last week.
  11. Praying and waiting for administrative processing to be over with! The visa officer emailed me last week for passport stamp pictures so maybe they approve his visa this week and I get an email fingers crossed for me and also for all of you
  12. It took 3 weeks ... that was the longest time ever! And now isince the interview have been in administrative processing
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