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  1. Hi everyone, I am currently working on my EAD that I got through the OPT. Me and my husband are planning to apply for my green card and the new EAD through this process in a week or so. I am planning to take his name and all the forms that we will be sending to the immigration will have his last name, that I am would like to take. We are currently in different cities, but I would like to move to where he is currently. I am planning to keep working on my OPT EAD till my new one comes. If I start the name change process with SSN + Drivers License and then I move jobs, now EAD will no longer match my government issued documents. If I don't change my last name and wait for 90 days for the new EAD to come, this might create issues with my Adjustment of status. Did someone have the same situation or knows what the best way to go about this is? I am not sure if the old EAD with the marriage certificate would be sufficient till the new one comes or will that cause issues when the new employer is onboarding me? Thanks!
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